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  1. can anyone tell me if the ir sensor on their hac is recognized. in the hardware profiler it is located under usb in the hardware section. i'm trying to get a remote working for my xbmc setup, on my hac it's not showing up. i recently had to do a fresh install the old install was setup using older 1.5 mammoth guides and i'm pretty sure the ir sensor was listed. i used the dsdt i had before so i'm not 100% sure. if others are showing up on their machines then i'll need to get a clean dsdt and try to get amir to help me with his magic.
  2. is anyone here using xbmc? issue i'm having is audio is streaming from laptop when i set it for hdmi.
  3. Jason Adams

    Lion Installation via DVD without any BootCD

    just a tip here, whatever you do make sure you don't use the partition that u have osx running on when you run the dvd maker. even though i watched the video i had to wait for an hour to dl lion so an hour later i was just going next, next, next, next, your system is hosed. {censored}. thank god for time machine, but now i gotta redo rEFIt and opensuse 12. sigh.