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  1. can anyone tell me if the ir sensor on their hac is recognized. in the hardware profiler it is located under usb in the hardware section. i'm trying to get a remote working for my xbmc setup, on my hac it's not showing up. i recently had to do a fresh install the old install was setup using older 1.5 mammoth guides and i'm pretty sure the ir sensor was listed. i used the dsdt i had before so i'm not 100% sure. if others are showing up on their machines then i'll need to get a clean dsdt and try to get amir to help me with his magic.
  2. is anyone here using xbmc? issue i'm having is audio is streaming from laptop when i set it for hdmi.
  3. Jason Adams

    Lion Installation via DVD without any BootCD

    just a tip here, whatever you do make sure you don't use the partition that u have osx running on when you run the dvd maker. even though i watched the video i had to wait for an hour to dl lion so an hour later i was just going next, next, next, next, your system is hosed. {censored}. thank god for time machine, but now i gotta redo rEFIt and opensuse 12. sigh.
  4. i've decided to sell my dv7t if anyone is interested. $500 for laptop stock drive only. see signature for specs. pm me if interested.
  5. mammoth, that is fantastic news!!!!. @ all, has anyone upgraded to 10.7? if not what would it take to do so?
  6. Jason Adams

    Dell 531 inverted mouse movement

    if that's the case i'm switching back to windows.....not!!! it sure is annoying tho
  7. it could be a bios or chipset issue since you can't tell if sata is operating in ide mode or ahci it'll b difficut to pinpoint. i would check to ensure that you have the current bios rev. also you can try to load windows just to see how it loads & runs. (tinyxp or tiny windows 7 ) that might give u an idea
  8. Jason Adams

    Dell 531 inverted mouse movement

    initially i was using the apple ps2 kext from my other hack but on boot i had no keyboard or mouse. i will try others and report the status. i was thinking it may have been a chipset driver or something cause my usb ports dont work either.
  9. after much fighting to get osx working on my dell inspiron 531 i finally have a mostly working system. the problem i have is the y axis is inverted on the mouse somehow. i dug into the voodoops2 kext im using and set inverty -> true but this had no effect. i beleive the core of the problem is im not using the correct io kext for the chipset but really don't know where to go from here. i did a google search and followed instruction from a thread in an infinitemac thread -> http://osx86.co/f4/10-6-on-dell-inspiron-531-help-t5698/ with the exception i am using a separate cham partition like i have on my dv7 following mammoths guide. initially when i got everything working i had no mouse at all. so i downloaded [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and installed a few kext thru that. after doing chamextup , pfix & reboot i had a somewhat useable mouse. no plug & play for usb devices (thumb drives) & no sound. i'm attaching my kexts & other files can someone look at it & give me some pointers? files.zip
  10. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    have you reduced your ram to less than 4 gb? ill upload my dsdt, smbios, & kernel i hope they help. dsdt.zip
  11. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    when i went through it, it was cd based so i'm not familiar with this new usb method. the 1.5 cd & guides are still available on the first page of that topic. i pretty much followed the guides. there were a few new things like a new kernel that is on page 25 or whatever but following the guides will get you a working system.
  12. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    hey franky, out of curiousity you every get a successful install?
  13. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    yes everything works except wireless but that because of an unsupported chipset. osx is fickle when it comes to wireless cards
  14. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    fwiw, i followed the 1.5 guides and had great success. our machines are very similar with the exception of the fingerprint reader and maybe some other minor differences. i believe the guides specifically state you can't install with more than 4 Gb of ram. my laptop runs super with the 1.5 guides with the exception of no wireless but im hardlined so i don't care too much about that atm. as you can see in the screenshot i have 8 active cores. give it a shot, what u got to lose?
  15. Jason Adams

    HP DV7 Quad install headaches

    have u tried following mommoth's guide for hp's dv line? [Guide] HP DV8, DV7, DV6, & DV5, 10.6.4 Easy, Comprehensive Installation, GETTING READY GUIDE * * RELEASED * * that's the name of the topic