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  1. Hi I am going to purchase a new OSX-computer now, and need good hardware recommendations. Are there certain motherboards, CPUs and GPUs that will work FLAWLESSLY with OSX...? I have read that Gigabyte and ATI/NVIDIA are good choices that will have good compability. Excellent if you can come with some recommendations here.... Going to be used as an mediaserver and a computer service computer for recovering data, fixing up halty Windows-installations, recovering data, etc for customers.
  2. Hi Kaov, I tried to install it now, but the volume mixer is still grey. Any thoughts? Used Kext Helper7 to get it installed... Anything else that has to be done ? Do I need to change the settings for Voodoo HDA to make it work with ALC662 ?
  3. I finally managed to get the tripple boot going on my Compaq CQ5145SC. What I did is probably general whatever installation you use, but I used MyHack from http://www.osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ to do this. I first made a copy of Snow Leopard with the MyHack-installed on it. You need a Mac running system to make this external HDD boot disc. I them partitionated 3 partition: 1) OSX - 500 GB (the limit is underneath 1GB for hackintosh installations, you can resize it after the first or second boot) 2) Windows - 50 GB 3) Ubuntu - 25 GB I then installed OSX SL from the external HDD, no MyHack-applied. Then Windows 7 Then Ubuntu with the Wubi installer, found at http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/windows-installer via Windows 7. Then I installed EasyBootCD and added the missing OSX-menu entry. Everything works very well... The Windows Boot Manager is fine enough for me. Simple and easy to start up the different options. Gonna perfect it further now... Issues: * Getting the Chamelon loader to select my main partition all the time. * Fixing video in Snow Leopard. Anyone got a tips on a good driver here ? Card is: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gt_220_us.html
  4. alc662 and 10.6.3

    Hi man, Can you explain it step by step on installing this card in 10.6.5? I have used Kext Helper to install kexts, but not so familiar with patching and doing more advanced stuf with these drivers. What do I need and need to do to make it work ??
  5. Sounds / PC freezes periodically

    Hi, OK. I need this card ALC662 to work with 10.6.5 now. Upgrading Snow as we speak...
  6. Anyone know how to fix the sound in 10.6.5 for the Realtek ALC622 codec...? Worked fine in 10.6.0 or something, but when I upgraded to the latest version it stopped working. Voodoo HDA gives me Kernel Panics...
  7. Hi excellent Philippe. I got it to work with Snow Leopard 10.6.something, but when I upgraded to 10.6.5 it stopped to work. Any ideas...?
  8. Sounds / PC freezes periodically

    hehe ;-) it was...!! thanks anyways... working on this still. needing the driver to get my mic and other inputs to work on this... any tips on the best driver....? *googling it as we speak*
  9. Hi, What is the best way to share user files on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu...? 1) To have a big Mac-partition with storage for the Windows and Ubuntu-files. 2) To format a big NTFS-partion with no OS on it, and let all OS access that one...? 3) Other solutions?
  10. Does the Windows-partition have to come first here, then Ubuntu, then OSX...? Or can I partition OSX first, then Windows, then ubuntu ? I want to OSX as the autoloaded OS like it was before I started with this multiboot thing. I guess it doesnt have much difference, and that you can actually set what OS it is supposed to autoboot from someway ? Excellent if you want to explain me how also for this.
  11. Hi, Sucessfully installed SL with the MyHack-installer last night: http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ Computer: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...product=3988162 I got the following problems with my installation: 1) The monitor turns out blue if I dont first turn it ALL off. Just restarting it makes it blue every time... If I use the power button and turn it on again, it works perfectly. 2) When opening iTunes, the mouse starts freezing periodically... This happens every time I open iTunes, and all the time when iTunes is open. CMD Q´ing it makes everything work perfectly again. 3) Sometimes the network doesnt connect to internet at the first boot. I then easily fix it with unplugging and replugging the Ethernet-cable. Any ideas on how to fix the above? I also wonder what I need the QuartGL for...?
  12. Sounds / PC freezes periodically

    Hi man! it turned out it was only the stream from the Norwegian Broadcasting company that was crappy... listening to another webradio now plays off PERFECTLY. so no problem... ;D I will post a new thread with my other problems.
  13. Hi, I have used the last couple of days to get my first Hackintosh up running :-) I am fed up with Windows and have already purchased two Macs from before, so its VERY nice having Mac on the PC. Though i.e. when I listen to radio the sound kind of clips periodically. It seems like the whole the sound kind of stops up in half a sec or something, and then continues, catching up with the stream in the radio station or MP3-file. I have used this KEXT http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...rt=#entry976996 for the ALC662 codec from Realtek. This is the first day I am up running with this new Mac, and I would love to get this up running 100%. It might also be something else with my installation and hardware, MS-7525-motherboard (this is the computer ==> http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...roduct=3988162), so excellent if you want to help me out with this.
  14. Hi, I am a total newbee on this, but already LOVE it! Managed to install MyHack and Snow Leopard on my MS-7525-motherboard. All working very fine.... Though I miss the audio-driver for this :-) How do I fix it....? Thanks in advanced.
  15. Hi, and THANK you for making this possible I HATE Windows to my guts, so being able to install Mac on PC hardware sounds extremely promising. I am all new to this and have successfully installed this Kalyway 1.5.2 Intel/AMD-installation. Though I am wondering if its a better version, distro or what you call it out there. Especially since I want to upgrade this to the all newest Snow Leopard, and continue to upgrade in the future. Computer: Compaq CQ5145SC. I google this and found out that Kalyway was the only distro that would support this mainboard... Though maybe there are better distros out there that also makes you install Snow Leopard on it ?