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  1. Z is my name

    iatkos s3 v2 freezes before installation

    I have tried a few boot programs and they all do the same for me on all 3 of my PCs. Even after looking in the BIOS and setting it many ways, going with SATA then IDE drives, going for AMD then Intel PCs, using retail and burnt OS discs it is always the same :S
  2. Z is my name

    OEM Imac disc on AMD ATI combo?

    Just tried it on 3 other rigs. The OS disc works fine on a real MAC so i know that is fine bot on the ather AMD and my Intel PCs it has done the same thing. So i think it is the boot disc is not working. Can anyone recomend another bootdisc to install my retail OS disc. Thanks?
  3. Z is my name

    OEM Imac disc on AMD ATI combo?

    I tried to install the retail copy of 10.6 i got using the piret EFI boot CD from the wiki but all i got is a grey scream when it came to the os install. Any thoughts on what to try next? Thanks
  4. Z is my name

    OEM Imac disc on AMD ATI combo?

    Thanks Dellmantt. That system info program in the link looks to like my PC so will have to by my self a retail copy of mac OS and give it a go
  5. Z is my name

    OEM Imac disc on AMD ATI combo?

    Hello, I have read the wiki and many posts but just had a few questions before I start trying to install Mac OS X on my PC. I have the two original discs that came with my Intel iMac. One says “ iMac, Mac OS X Install Disc 1” and “Mac OS version 10.4.10” on it. The other says “Mac OS X Install Disc 2” and “Disc Version 1.0” on it. Before I try installing it on my PC I just wanted to know if these are appropriate discs to do so? If so could you please point me in the direction of the correct install guide. The spec of my PC is, AMD Athlon 64 duel core ( with SSE 3 support ) ASUS M3A32-MVP motherboard 4Gb of ram PowerColor 4870 GFX card I wish to install Mac OS X on a fresh hard drive that is currently not in the PC. I can install as a master or a slave to my windows drive or even put in a USB external case if required. I also have a CD burner installed and tones of USB external drives if that will help me at all. Any help or advice is most welcome. Thanks
  6. Z is my name

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello, I am Z and am looking to get Mac OS X up and running on my PC