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  1. I have a completely working hack with a gigabyte X58A-UD5 with an intel i7 930 2.8, done with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. My problem is that system profiler (10.6.4) is seeing everything correctly except CPU... it says intel i5 2 GhZ and actually running both CPUID or CPU-X it says that the cpu is indeed an i7 930 at 2.8 but it's running at 2 GhZ.... solutions? thanks
  2. PhantOS

    SSE2 emu for SSE-only cpus?

    Don't get me wrong, I already have a proper Gigabyte C2D rig ... it just sounded like an interesting hack. It probably would've made more sense on the early Tiger builds which weren't so dependent on SSE3.
  3. hi, great work on Voodoo so far I've always wished for a full SSE2 emulation layer, to be able to run the kernel on old Athlon/P3 machines. Performance would obviously suffer, but still, it would be so much better than the current QEMU based solutions. Do you think it's possible/makes sense? Thanks!
  4. PhantOS

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Yeah, be full of it. These guys are merely trying to do some damage control to undo the {censored}, and you play IP cop with them? Clever. I'm pretty sick of stating the obvious, but do you realize how pathetic this sounds? Here's a free salvo shot from the clue gun: ever since the beginning, the impression one gets is that we're dealing with one or two people who don't have a company, don't know how to run one, but pretend to, on the internet, just for the sweet ego trip. The ninja 'CEO', the {censored} NDAs to muzzle the 'team' (another hint: people from IRC from all over the world are hardly part of your 'company'), the broken promises, the secrecy. 100% sizzle, 0% steak. Real product before boasting, real product before knighting yourself CEO, real product before legalities. Good luck suing NDA infringers in other countries than your own! Oh, and what is tolerated from Apple might not be tolerated from a start-up. I wonder if you are this strict WRT Apple's OSX EULA too?
  5. PhantOS

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Given the demographics of this forum, at least this is highly likely Dude ... look at Time Machine! [stares at the screen with an hollow-eyed gaze] It's like seeing the universe, man ...
  6. @dev team: could this solution be used to inject a better formed DSDT table to OSX too? I'm thinking of a web interface widget (think of something like the web apps that create .vmx files for vmware player) that could create a personalized profile config file based on your hardware.
  7. PhantOS

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Exactly. The problem is that while the idea is interesting, the whole deal looks like a trainwreck waiting to happen. When I referred to these guys getting a reality check, I was implying the idea that one thing is having a working prototype, and another is having an actual shipping mass produced product. Everything so far, from the vanity homepage of the 'CEO', to new phantom variants of the product popping up from time to time, doesn't inspire any confidence at all. Hater, no, skeptic, definitely. And I want one (for a reasonable price, not 80 bloody euros), so paradoxically I hope I'll be proven dead wrong. They could have released it as a downloadable package for USB sticks with a Paypal donation link, but chose the thorny road instead. As I said, we'll see.
  8. PhantOS

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    'Sabotage', missed dates, phantom script kiddies allegedly bringing down the site, lame attempts at humor, complete lack of any real, useful information ... this is like the worst launch ever. I hope the actual product - if it exists - is solid and delivers, when they feel like releasing it, but that's no way to publicly present yourself. And I'll join the choir, the price is completely out of whack, 29 euros tops for the basic version is the max I'd pay, and that's stretching it already. Bah humbug indeed
  9. PhantOS

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    My predictive, crystal ball 2c - it's a simple USB thumbdrive that boots their own version of the Tianocore EFI environment, heavily modified to resemble as closely as possible the way Apple's EFI behaves and how it interacts with the install dvd. Probably not-so-clean-room-reverse engineered, since they're avoiding sales in all countries with DMCA-ish IP laws in effect. Some people were talking about a similar solution on this very forum ages ago - booting a EFI implementation from a floppy. It's basically PC_EFI on steroids, with working code (for device probing etc.) instead of the bare minimum skeleton stubs needed to trick the vanilla kernel into booting. So your BIOS boots their hacked EFI, which then boots your OS of choice via that cute Apple-ish selector splash screen seen in the netkas video. So now the devil is in the details: - Does it have a database of hardware strings, or a list of 100% supported configurations? - How did they circumvent dsmos? - Does it contain modded EFI drivers? - Is it possible to update it as new hardware comes out? - What kind of Mac model it tricks the install DVD into believing your PC is? Does it change dynamically according to what your actual hardware is (that'd be pretty awesome)? - What about ACPI, fan control, sleep, shutdown & restart? etc etc. Looks like a cool, clean hack, but I have my doubts the process is as painless as they make it out to be, once it gets out in the real world on a zillion different configurations. And trying to sell it instead of just putting it out is skating on pretty thin ice both ethically and legally, IMHO. All in all, I wish these guys all the best, but I'd say they're in for some reality check. We'll see soon, I guess.
  10. PhantOS


    Try the one in /Library/Backups
  11. PhantOS


    Same problem here ...
  12. PhantOS

    7900gs no QE/CI

    NVinject 0.1.7 works without editing on my 256mb 7900GS. Did you correctly set the permissions on nvinject.kext?
  13. Like topic title, I've never seen anyone mentioning a fully working solution: - line and mic input - 5.1 analog output (all three output jacks working and recognized by the OS as surround capable) - digital i/o if present preferably under 10.5, but I'm curious about Tiger too. thanks
  14. PhantOS

    ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    Off the top of my head: - create an empty partition and flag it as 'boot' (iATKOS needs slightly more than 5GB) using gparted livecd. I used the MBR system, the drive already had windows partitions on it - once the iATKOS DVD has booted, use Disk Utility to create the HFS+ partition you will install into - use the Darwin Boot utility to install the EFI bootloader - proceed to the actual install. the configuration that ended up working for me was selecting ONLY: - base system - EFI - ntfs filesystem support (optional) no speedstep, keep the original smbios kext, no gfx drivers, no additional lan drivers. Everything should work out of the box, apart from stereo output only sound, as usual. Integrated GMA950 works without any fiddling. In order to get my Geforce 7900GS to support QE/CI, I had to manually install the latest Leo NVinject - 1.17 On my first install I chose both the nvidia and intel drivers, and the netkas smbios extension. QE/CI didn't work with either card, and the hacked smbios gave a wrong cpu speed reading. What worked for me was not installing any of these, and only adding a newer version of NVinject afterwards. It should be pretty much it. Good luck Now, if only we could get full functionality from the ALC888 I'd be in heaven.