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  1. r26467 has a build fail fix maybe our suggested edk is too old https://github.com/tianocore/edk2-BaseTools-win32 i am not at my hack to test building with newer edk
  2. New InsanelyMac Website

    I did check my avatar. nothing there..... none of the forums I had posted too in the last 8 years show. is this IPB4 or did it change to something new?
  3. New InsanelyMac Website

    can we get "my content" back too
  4. Clover problems report & features request

    have you tried replacing the version of osxaptiofixdrv you are using with aptiomemoryfix.efi or osxaptiofixdrv3 driver
  5. Clover General discussion

    I guess follow normal protocol and physically remove as much hardware as you can from the motherboard and see if it still occurs. also test your ram.
  6. that makes sense then why they killed the ping feature then since ping has a flood command. here I get source forge is in static offline mode so most likely why the script is having issues
  7. Clover problems report & features request

    clover 4417 breaks building 4416 builds fine with Build_Clover.command
  8. good call cecekapawon that works # if ping -c 1 svn.code.sf.net >> /dev/null 2>&1; then REMOTE_REV=$(svn info ${CLOVER_REP} | grep '^Revision:' | tr -cd [:digit:]) REMOTE_EDK2_REV=$(svn info ${EDK2_REP} | grep '^Revision:' | tr -cd [:digit:]) # else svn info remote REMOTE_REV="" svn info remote REMOTE_EDK2_REV="" # fi but I get this svn: E155007: '/Users/hstest/remote' is not a working copy svn: E155007: '/Users/hstest/remote' is not a working copy CLOVER Remote revision: 4415 Local revision: 4415 EDK2 Remote revision: 26392 Local revision: 26300 and it compiles Clover was built successfully! Press any key to continue... so script just probably needs a tweak
  9. you need to use a crossover ethernet cable not a regular one to go direct from machine to machine two of the pins are swapped.
  10. Clover problems report & features request

    I just got the same issue you have after I deleted src folder for second time to see if I got your issue and I did. I did a ping test to both repo's edk and clover and it returned results so that means there is internet access. I then manually tried svn up the clover directory and it updated to 4415 so it must be something in the script. maybe the way it checks for the revisions accessing sourcrforge changed. I also noticed that because of the issue it did not check for aptiofix updates
  11. Clover problems report & features request

    delete edk folder and rerun script it should re download
  12. for those that can't build after source forge server migration delete your EDK folder and rerun the script edit: on second retry removing src folder it only updated edk and failed clover. I ran a manual ping test on both repo's as the script does and both returned data but not always. I was able to manually update the clover folder after retrieving it from the trash using svn up command and that also worked so maybe soureforge changed something that the script calls on to get versions if it does not get a reply then it behaves as if there is no internet access and kills the script. unless its curl or wget issue edit2 source forge is not responding to ping properly or at all also changing the clover repo in the buildcloverconfig.txt to other clover branches and it did not make a difference to the script I tried rehab man git branch and the race masters branch
  13. Clover General discussion

    been there lol.... you need to convert 0x10f68086 and 0x10d38086 to ascii for plist edits
  14. AptioMemoryFix

    looks like your having issues either with usb or the nvme drive detection if your getting still waiting for root error. have you tried 10.13.x it should have native nvme support. also try different USB ports if the error is coming from not finding the usb installer. if the error is from booting your hdd then look into nvme issues.
  15. AptioMemoryFix

    i am not sure if this pertains to your situation but in the past we had issues with the aptiofix's on laptops and all in ones if the ram was populated out of order. so lets say in a laptop that has only 2 slots you only had ram in slot 1 and nothing in zero aptiofix would not load properly and would stall out in weird places or get stuck at ++++++++. if it was in slot 0 then it was fine. having both populated also was fine.