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  1. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    When I go to system preferences>Network I see "Ethernet adapter (en0) and Ethernet adapter (en1). en0 has "autoassigned IP" (yellow orb) yellow orb and en1 has "no connection" (red orb). As for the big windows problem.... well, I'm not refering only to apps. For example, when I open System Preferences > Network, the lower buttons of the Network window are under the dock so I cannot acces them. Only solution I've found is to put the dock left or right on the screen, but I don't like it tat way......
  2. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    @Klohannes: Thx for your quick response. I've downloaded the update from another computer and copy it to a usb stick. But when I try to mount it on the eee it says "not recognized" or something likke that. I'll have to try if I can "burn" it the same way I did with the install dvd. So for the wifi problem.... you're saying it has no fix?. I mean, the wifi card is recognised and working (or that is what it seems with the driver connecting and all) is just that the rest of the system doesn't appear to "know" that the wifi is connected. It's weird as I have had a lot os OS installed in the eee (Meego, various Linux flavours, Win 7...) and it worked out of the box almost always. The only solution is to change the card?. I've seen many people with the stock card working in Snow Leopard..... [EDIT] Mmmm, another question. Even though the screen resolution is correct, whenever I open a program that has a big window, that window has it's lower part UNDER the dock, so I can't acces the buttons. Is there any fix for that?
  3. Anyway I've solved my problem. I've installed Snow Leopard 10.6.0 on my eee 1000h with two usb sticks. No guide seems to cover my problem, no help from here... so I've developed my way through the install and now it's fully working.
  4. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Finally I've managed to install Snow Leopard on my 1000h with the 2 usb method (I've found a way to "burn" a usb stick with the retail osx image from within windows without having a mac). And almost all is fully working. Fn keys doesn't work with your kext, but I've found a kext that at least has the volume keys working. I have some problem though. Wifi is working with the ralink driver you provided, it find my network and connect to it if I input my password, (says connected) I've created a profile and it connects itself on every boot. BUT if I go to safari, I can't navigate the internet because it says "no internet connection" (I have it in spanish so don't know if that are the exact words you can see in english but that is the meaning). I can't find no way to say the system to use the wifi and no ethernet.... any help? Another problem is that the 10.6.4 i downloaded from apple site isn't recognized and I can't install it. If I can fix the internet problem I'll try to download it directly from the netbook. One suggestion... when you say" copy this in the /extras folder..." you should point that this folder is hidden. Maybe is something everybody knows but not the noobs like me. I wasn't able to find that folder until I thought about hidden folders (and that only because I have some linux background).... I'm about to reinstall everything again because I've made a lot of tests and installed a lot of kext to find something that fully works but, without knowing how to do the wifi thing..... Anyway good guide!
  5. More on my advances.... though this seems a monologue really, no single answer after 53 views... I continue doing my homework. I've found an .img of the NetbookBootInstaller 0.84 RC1. ready to "burn" into a USB created by jamesbarnhill in the Dell Mini Forums and I used it to try again the mechdrew 2 USB guide. This time was even worse, the apple logo doesn't appeared before I received another kernell panic, this time saying: panic(cpu 0 caller 0x5582710: "Unable to find driver for this platform: \"ACPI\".\n"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1504.3.12/iokit/kernel/IOPlatformExpert .cpp:1389 I've tryed to redo the copy of the MacOs DVD, recopy it on the usb.... I'm almost about to give up.... it seems impossible for me to install this on my 1000h (even though as I've read is one of the most compatible netbooks out there). I can't even pass the first screen! Perhaps the answer is getting that bootable usb made from someone that has the same netbook than me (as mechdrew did for the Dell mini comunity). I don't know what to try next.
  6. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    @Klohannes. Thanks for your response but, since I don't have a Mac I don't think I can use the NetbookBootMaker. As I've said I'm following THIS GUIDE from mechdrew in which he has created an image file with netbookinstaller 0.83 ready to "burn" into a usb flash drive. Could it be possible for someone with a mac and an asus 1000h to create an image of the bootable usb and load it to the internet for others to get it? or that should be done necessarily by the person who is trying to install MacOs?. If another person could do the image ready to burn (as mechdrew did) for those of us that don't have access to a Mac, that would be the answer.... since there's nothing we can do....
  7. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Finally I've tried to install Snow Leopard 10.6 using the "2 USB guide" but..... I boot from the usb, select the Mac Osx install disk (in the other usb) and get to the grey screen with the apple logo but then it shows a black square with "You need to restart your computer" in some 4 languages. I've searched to see what the problem is, but all the post I find are related to a system upgrade. Mine is before even installing!. So I've booted in verbose mode and here is the screen: Any help? Please?
  8. Finally I've tried to install Snow Leopard 10.6 using the "2 USB guide" but..... I boot from the usb, select the Mac Osx install disk (in the other usb) and get to the grey screen with the apple logo but then it shows a black square with "You need to restart your computer" in some languages. I've searched to see what the problem is, but all the post I find are related to a system upgrade. Mine is before even installing!. So I've booted in verbose mode and here is the screen: Any help? Please?
  9. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Thanks for your answer Klohannes, unfortunately I don't have an external DVD Drive. This evening I'll try the guide I mentioned. It seems there is a way to make a bootable usb from within windows. That's the only thing you need a mac for, isn't it? To make the usb bootable, so if I use that guide to make the usb then I can follow the rest of your guide to install the OS. I've seen too that there is a new 0.85 NetBookInstaller. Do you recommend using it or stick with the 0.83 version? Although it seems the newest version is needed at the postinstallation to fix the bluetooth if you upgrade to 10.6.4. Thanks again
  10. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Hi there . Is there any way to do this on the asus 1000h without another machine running Mac Ox? I have this netbook but I have no access to a Mac nor a hackintosh machine to create the usb. I've seen a tutorial on mechdrew to install from usb from any operating system, but I don't know if that will work because that is suposed to be meant for Dell Mini machines. I'm not scared of difficult install processes but this is driving me crazy! Any tutorial I see needs another Osx machine.... well, I want to try Osx... because I don't have another Mac! (as a prior step to buy a "real" one)..... Oh well....
  11. Introduce yourself.

    Hi there!, I'm Sergio from Spain, trying to feel the taste of Mac Os
  12. I've continued my search with no success so far. I must say that I don't have an external CD Drive, so I must take the usb approach and this is where my problems begin because all the guides I see have that f&/(&ing requirement: to have another machine runnig Mac Os. I'm about to try with the last version of NetbookInstaller and the guide from mechdrew, the only guide I know of that doesn't need another mac nor an external CD Drive. However, as far as I know, the NetbookInstaller thing is meant to use with Dell netbooks.... --------------------------------------------SPANISH------------------------------------------------------ He continuado mi búsqueda, sin éxito hasta el momento. Debo decir que tampoco tengo una unidad de CD externa, así que tengo que instalarlo todo por Usb. Y ahí es donde comienzan mis problemas, porque todas las guías que veo tienen ese puñ&/(&ero requerimiento: tener otra máquina corriendo Mac Os. Estoy por probar con la última versión de Netbookinstaller y la guía de Mechdraw, la única guía que conozco que no necesita otro mac o una unidad de DVD externa. De todas maneras, por lo que parece la solución de NetbookInstaller está pensada para netbooks Dell....
  13. First of all, hi everyone Well, the title pretty much covers all I want to know. As a previous step to buy a complete mac system I want to try the OS. I happen to have a notebook Asus 1000h (1Gig Ram) around here so I've googled and searched both here and in the Osx86 wiki to know about the process. But after some hours (since this morning actually) I only have one thing clear: It CAN be done. BUT (and this is a big BUT, no joke intended) every guide I've found says you need another computer, be it a Mac or a Hackingtosh, running some version of OS X. I've found too that you can install Snow Leopard 10.6.4 or so but in the Osx86 wiki I can't find the 1000h as a compatible hardware.... So, to sum it all up.... Is there any way to install Os X on my Asus eee pc 1000h WITHOUT having acces to another computer with Os X installed? For me the point is to try this OS so I haven't another computer with it, nor I have friends running Macs. Anyway, thank you very much in advance for your help... --------------------------------SPANISH------------------------------------------------ Antes de nada, hola a todos Como paso previo a comprarme un sistema Mac completo, quiero probar el sistema operativo. Y resulta que tengo por aquí un Asus eee 1000h (con 1Gb Ram). Así que he buscado en Google, en este sitio y en la pagina de OsX86 para saber como hacerlo. Pero después de unas cuantas horas (desde esta mañana en realidad) solo tengo una cosa clara: Que se PUEDE hacer. Pero (y es un gran PERO) todas las guías que he visto dicen que necesitas tener otro ordenador, ya sea Mac o Hack que corra alguna versión de OsX. también he visto que se puede instalar Snow Leopard 6.4 (o así, no recuerdo la versión exacta), pero en la Wiki de OsX86 no me aparece el 1000h como hardware compatible... Así que, resumiendo... hay alguna manera de instalar OsX en un Asus Eee 1000h SIN tener acceso a otro ordenador que tenga OsX? Para mí se trata de probar el OS, así que no tengo acceso a un Mac ni amigos que lo tengan. De todos modos, gracias por adelantado por vuestra ayuda... [EDIT] Added spanish translation as that is my mother tongue