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    How did you fix your first problem your first post was about, with the 2 screen pics?? i have the same problem. Greetz
  2. Nobody here, who can help me??
  3. Hi, i'm having some problems with my OSX on my Asus G2SV. The notebook has a 300gb harddrive, which is partitioned in two 150 gb partitions. On the first partition i'm running Windows Vista, on the second partition I installed Mac OS 10.5.6 with iPC OSx86 FFP6 universal final. The installation has not been a problem when started with the bootflag "cpus=1". After installation the only way to boot into Mac is with the installation DVD with the bootflag "rd=disk0s5" otherwise the notebook boots into windows. I installed BootThink and EasyBCD on windows and tried to configure it the way it's shown on various tutorials. But with no effect. Then is tried to install Chameleon Bootload on Mac, but haven't found an installation with an graphical interface, an doing everything with the console, i don't knkow enough about it. Taht's the first thing. The other is, that i'm not able to get my Graphic device working. It's an nVidida GeForce 9650M GS with 512 MB. Therefore i installed the givnen "NATIT"-driver from the DVD, but the card can't be recognized. And the last thing is, that none of my USB-ports works. I Know, there are a lot of problems. I have been searching thorugh a lot of forums for days but i just couldn't find a solution which is working. I Hope you guys can help me. I would be really happy for that. Thanks. TecSpecs: Asus G2SV nVidia GeForce 9650M GS 4GB RAM Intel Mobile Core2Duo T9500 Penryn Processor PS: Sorry for my English, but it's been a while since i've been talking english for the last time ;-)