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  1. iATKOS S3 is released!

    For those who installed the iatkos s3 v2 on XPS M1530..how did you get wireless to work?
  2. thanks for the suggestions effatum.. I did read the topic before posting.I am having problems finding the correct version Superhai's Dell XPS boot cd The link in the first post doesn't work.The one I found gives me ebios read error whenever I boot from it. Can someone plz post a correct version of Superhai's Dell XPS boot cd ? Thanks again
  3. Tranzy..I used the same dvd (SL 10.6.2 Universal 3.6) mentioned by you and installed it on my partitioned external hard drive. The install went well but on startup when I try to boot from the usb option it shows me the apple loading screen and then the grey stop icon (kernel panic) occurs. can some plz help me with this. Thanks
  4. I used the above mentioned dvd to install osx on an external partitioned hard drive. However, on startup when I ask to boot from the USB device, it shows the white apple screen and hangs . can anyone plz help me out with this? Thanks
  5. nope,I dont see the chameleon bootloader screen load. I had also tried using the generic osx86 bootloader cd and the install continues till the screen showing " Loading Darwinx86" with a blinking cursor below it. The install doesnt go any further after that.
  6. I used the superhai boot cd from the previous page and it gives me an "ebios read error" and goes back to booting windows can someone plz help me with this? Thanks