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  1. Hello there. I have recently installed XP to a 20gb partition in my first drive (320gb). Then i installed iPC 10.5.6 in a partition in the other drive (installed on a 100gb and the drive is 1tb). I am on Asus P5K. The install went very good but after the reboot, when it says press any key to boot from cd the installer comes up again and i dont get the options like test your keyboard, enter your name etc. if i disable boot from cd at the startup or simply remove the ipc dvd from the drive then windows xp loads. i use asus p5k can you tell me what am i doing wrong ?
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    iPC 1.5.6 on Asus P5K

    I ve tried other distros like iATKOS but I was getting a message about "insert bootable disc" etc... After a long time I decided to try iPC (some guy,possibly on another forum stated that iATKOS doesnt work on Asus P5K, not sure though). I have checked the md5 of the iso and also burned the DVD in4x. I made all the required settings in the BIOS menu but the CD does not boot. The system simply starts Windows XP boot (my current OS) ignoring the inserted disc. Anyone... ?
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    Παιδια δεν μπορω να κανω και εγω boot. Εχω το iPC (τελευταια) και παρ ολο που εχω ρυθμισει τα BIOS βα κανουν boot from cd μολις ανοιγει το pc απλα προχωραει στην εκκινηση των windows και δε διαβαζει το dvd.