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  1. Building a MacPro

    They are same screws that are used to mount optical drives in a PC. I believe they are M3s or M3.5s.
  2. Building a MacPro

    Sam, There was nothing to feed through on the power supply, just connect the four plugs on the PSU to the four connectors on the wall that divides the PSU area from the Optical bay. I did have to take the big black bands off the PSU cables to get enough slack for get everything plugged in.
  3. Building a MacPro

    Here is what I got this morning for idles and load. I only ran CPUTest for about 20 minutes to get the load temps. Ambient 25c Cores Idle 33c - 40c Cores Load 43c - 56c I
  4. Building a MacPro

    I will have to check my load temps as I can not recall but I get between 26c - 29c for Heatsink temp, cores are around 34c from what I remember. I will check it all tonight but those numbers should be pretty close.
  5. Building a MacPro

    The problem with SMC fan control is it does not let me lower the fan speed, only set the minimum speed it will run. If it would let me set the max fan speed, my problem would be solved. I find it hard to believe that the ES CPUs are an issue for the fan speed. I know weird things can happen in computers but seeing as how their is a separate SMC Firmware for Mac Pros (all Intel Mac is seems) that tells me fan control is separate from anything to deal with the CPUs. As for 10.5.2, I am glad it works for you. For me 10.5.2 has so many issue with my Apogee Duet and Logic, it was not a viable choice for me.
  6. Building a MacPro

    I dont know of anyone that has used them in their build. Here they are at Apple Palace. I am pretty sure this is just for one but you might want to call and ask them. The Apple part number is 076-1233 http://www.applepalace.com/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=7835
  7. Building a MacPro

    Yeah it is strange and all my searching online suggests two fixes: reset the SMC or take it to an Apple store where more than likely the logic board will get replaced. We all know the later is not going to happen
  8. Building a MacPro

    I have never seen the Apple HS in person just pictures but from what I can see, they are a lot smaller. The Apple HS will be very tall but as far as the length and width, they appear to be the same as a standard Xeon 771 HS. Okay, I need to tap the collective brain power here. I tried the SMC reset and still no dice on my top front fan running full speed. Here are the speeds my fans run at according to hardware monitor Exhaust 1800 rpm Top Front 2800 rpm Bottom Front 500 rpm Logic board has the latest SMC and EFI, running 10.4.11 (too many issues with Leopard and Logic so when back to Tiger). At this point, I am thinking of inlining a resistor on the voltage wire of each fan so that they top out at 1500 RPMs just to keep the noise down as the temps in the computer never get bad. Any other ideas? I could just replace the fans but 3 resistors are a lot cheaper than 3 fans
  9. Building a MacPro

    If 8 cores is just way too much for making music, you can get a single 4 core cpu Mac Pro. Plus this thread is really about building Mac Pros not hackintoshes.
  10. Building a MacPro

    I like the one with the blue light the best
  11. Building a MacPro

    The Apple Heatsinks are a lot smaller than the thermalrights.
  12. Building a MacPro

    While the heatsinks are fanless, there are two 120MM x 38MM fans directly in front of them to push the air through and another 120MM x 38MM fan behind them to pull the air out. So it is not a fanless system. The Thermalrights I used should mount on a Socket 775 with little to no mods.
  13. Building a MacPro

    Very nice getting the rad in there. What rad did you use? Getting the memory coolers on that bottom riser is going to be a pain in the arse for sure!
  14. Building a MacPro

    Where is the rad? Are you really only running with one memory riser?
  15. Building a MacPro

    I used duct tape to secure mine sensors They have held so I have not bothered to use the Artric Silver compound that I think Listed or newtech posted a link to. I am not sure which pins I am wired to. I got lucky in that after making my sensor when plugged in, one worked the other didn't. So I flipped the wires I the one that did not work and on reboot both started reading. It is hard to get to the plugs because of my heatsinks or I would pull them out and take a look at how they are wired. I am going to have to try the SMC reset again. I would really like to have the Mac Pro fan in there instead of the Yate Loon I have now in the top spot.