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  1. [Need Help] ATI Mobility 4670 on XPS 1645

    Someone help me!
  2. [Need Help] ATI Mobility 4670 on XPS 1645

    Hi guys! I've been installing Lion 10.7.3 on my Dell 1645 with ATI Mobility 4670 today and have some success. The bluetooth, sound, wifi and the touchpad. I follow this topic http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269163&hl=4670&st=0 but when i install the ATI4670 with GE=No and the LVDS have problem. With Verver framebuffer the screen is And Shrike And should i change the boot file? Plz help me! Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad English
  3. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670

    I have the same resolution. The QE/CI is OK but the color is a big problem. Can you post your video dump, your result and your kext? We will try
  4. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670

    My card is ati mobility radeon hd 4670 (9488x1002) Thank Peter Board to help me with this guide But now i have a problem. When I use GE = No the screen go black but when I use GE = Yes the color like 256 color (view in this video) but have QE/CI and can change the resolution. I installed ATY_int in S/L/E. And i have a question.Before I install ATI4600Controler.kext if GE = No I saw the IORegestry the card is ATY,Shrike but the VRAM is 5MB else if GE = Yes the card is ATY,Ververt but the VRAM is 1024MB. Could anybody help me fix the problem and explain me the different between ATY,Ververt and ATY,Shrike ATI4600Controller.kext.zip
  5. Stock ATI kext 10.6.8

    Hi everybody. Could you upload all the stock ATI kext from 10.6.8. Thanks in advance!