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  1. First tries

    can't be soon enough
  2. Mountain Lion on 1201n

    Do share
  3. Mountain Lion on 1201n

    Is anyone going to try and install Mountain Lion on 1201n? it would be interesting to see if it's possible and how it performs
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    It would be great, thanks!
  5. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    is there a fix for audio breaking except plugging and unplugging headphones? It's really annoying. Thanks
  6. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Solved: I got FaceTime working by installing ethernet next. Thanks all
  7. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Could you please be more specific about the smbios.plist or maybe post yours here? Thanks
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Thanks, how did uou update to 10.7.2? Simple update or combo update? Any new kexts or the ones from 10.7.0 work?
  9. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Are you on 10.7.0?
  10. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Are you sure FaceTime is working? I still get the server error! I'm on 10.7.0
  11. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    At first I didn't realize what you were trying to show but it's great! :-)
  12. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    yes, please post how you upgraded to 10.7.2 and also if you notice any performance changes
  13. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Well this is some weird sh..! So I managed finally to get decent performance after reinstalling. Mkv files were playing flawlessly using vlc and mplayerx and everything. Also there was no anoying popup after logon to connect my bluetooth keyboard! Do you guys have that? Then I installed microsoft office and imovie and iphoto 11 and after that I restarted. On boot the system informed me that there has been a change in bios (??) I presed f9 to load defaults. Upon logon the bluetooth keyboard popup appeared out of nowhere and performance went to drain again. Animations are sluggish slow internet browsing and choppy unwatchable playback of mkv files. Does anyone have any ideas? I think it has something to do with onboard bluetooth.
  14. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    you know what, I reinstalled lion and I think it's better! I'm not sure yet but it seems smoother. I'll download vlc and try a couple of mkv files to see how that works. Thanks for the feedback and support!
  15. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    to be precise when I play mkv, video seems ok but audio has a delay (it's not in synch). Does it have to do with audio kexts? Do you have both of those kexts installed in s/l/e? Could you upload me your extra folder if it's not a problem. Thanks