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    Asus N61VN can't wake - DSDT help!

    Lan? Atheros, and I'm using AtherosL1cEthernet.kext.
  2. ouTsiDaz_

    Asus N61VN can't wake - DSDT help!

    A little help please? No one with an Asus experiencing the same behavior?
  3. ouTsiDaz_

    Asus N61VN can't wake - DSDT help!

    I have an Asus N61VN laptop that I've never managed to woke from sleep. Without any DSDT fix, the laptop won't sleep. Currently it sleeps fine, but on wake, it just throws a spinning fan. And it's not the known blank screen issue, the laptop is not running at all. The laptop has P45M + ICH9. Already applied the USB ICH10 fix, and have P-States defined in DSDT. AppleLPC is running as well as native power management is working. System is pretty much Vanilla, only have FakeSMC and Voodoo sound, battery and PS2. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Attached are original and sleeping DSDTs. DSDT_N61VN.zip