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  1. Ok, Everything is fine on my XPS 435 MT, with a brand new harddrive (Samsung 1.5 To) and a Gigabyte GTX470 VideoCard. On the Ethernet side, I noticed that everything works fine - Fixed IP on System -> Preferences. Great results on local file sharing with my other computers (all are Apple devices) but... I can't reached internet via Safari, Chrome or Firefox ! even if I reboot my machine several times... Is there anything to setup like firewall or something ? All ports are open on my internet router for its MAC Adress. The weirdest thing is : after a long shutdown of maybe 2 hours, I can use internet at its best performances. But, after maybe 5 minutes, this goes down and low. And finely no internet ! Any advices ??
  2. Any way to more specific informations about this ? 'Cos I've got a Dell Studio XPS 435MT, MyHack 1.1 installed on it and it works fine. Except : network. I've installed the Intel82566.kext on it and it seems that MacOS Snow Leopard 10.6.5 runs it properly (I can see it on Preferences Panel) It took the DHCP adress from my router and then, I can navigate through Safari... For 10 minutes ! Then, the IP adress went wrong (but strangely not the IPV6 adress ?) and I can't connect to internet or local network. I've tried to setup a static IP adress after this problem, but it still can't connect to internet, even after a reboot or pfix. Any ideas how I can solve this ? Any suggestions about the driver (is intel82566 good enough ? Or maybe where can I catch the intel82567-LV2 driver ?) I'm really desperate !