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  1. right now, what i did was that i re-installed OS X according to the instructions. however, after the installation it gets stuck at the default background but nothing appears somehow. no dock, no task bar etc..... i reboot and the same issue persists despite two re-installs. could the combo install messed it up? i have the 10.6.3 default snow leopard retail... and i also used the USB install mode, could that have been the cause?
  2. srry, i meant one after the other. i let the combo update finish, then i left the "restart request" window open. after that i started the eeebox driver installation. after that installation i reboot and thats where both my keyboard and mouse become unresponsive...
  3. hey man, thanx for the helpful guide. however, i followed your instructions and installed from a fresh retail copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 however, once i've updated to the combo 10.6.5 and installed the eeebox driver package at the same time, my mouse and keyboard aren't responding anymore after the reboot...... i'm re-installating again and i'm wondering whether there is a way around this? thanx