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  1. i am on DP3 now and facing this strange mouse cursor glitch problem when it appear suddenly in corner when i try to move even little bit, i had same problem with dp2 but i somehow fixed it and now no idea how to fix it . anyone with any solution? EDIT;Replaced all kext plugin and bundle with 3100 from dp2 now no mouse lag but launcher is again back to being laggy like dp2, so are folder like being on iPhone 3g any fix anyone?
  2. take look at this even here no specific step is mentioned to load SL from grub menu--http://bigfloppydonkeydisk.blogspot.com/2010/07/triple-boot-windows-7-mac-os-x-snow.html
  3. i did as you said booting lion perfect from grub menu and in 32bit mode with apple plist file. but just for GK, why my SL works direct from grub menu and lion wont although they are both added automatically to grub menu? also i had hard time editing 40_custom file it require root preveleges, how can i do that next time easily from text editor, as of now it does not edit anuthing in grub.d folder, i hv to move file to desktop than edit and than paste it back using terminal. thx for time and info. P.S: you are genious
  4. WELL i chose lion partion in installer ,after that i updated grub than it started to show extra option in grub menu so i m pretty sure it is using rc5. other than that my lion installation is ccc copy of lion installation that i made using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] boot loader on usb ,you think it could make any difference to chameleon failing?
  5. as i said actually i already used installer and later realized it screwed ubuntu,so than i booted into ubuntu live cd and reinstalled grub2 than i booted into my ubuntu partition and updated grub and everything was back to normal but i can't boot into lion partition it just restart when i choose it in grub menu, i don't think i have to still replace boot file as installer would hv done that no? i didn't understand this one ,can you please explain a little --- Put the "boot" file in the partition you set root in GRUB, replacing the RC3 one menuentry "Mac OS X Chameleon" { insmod hfsplus set root=(hd0,X) multiboot /boot } isn't the root part ion for grub is its own root directory? also what is the kernel flag if i wants to boot in 32bit mode in this package,using usb ,i want to check if it still allow to boot in 32 bit mode.thx , and sorry for noob questions your patients is apreciated for dsdt==http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=235523
  6. i did installed package from OP and after that that my grub failed to load than i updated grub using boot cd now i m again in SL but lion disk simply restart, when i choose it in grub menu
  8. [HELP] how to install lion dp2 on Core Duo PC

    does this worked?
  9. well i can confirm you my SL is on logical partition and booting f9 using grub along with 7 and ubuntu11. as you can see in attached pic system reserved is primary windows 7 is primary my document is extended partion and is logical along with lion and SL AND NON MENTIONED BEING UBUNTU ALL INSTALLED ON LOGICAL EXTENTION OF MY Document which i made later after i start playing with hackintosh i keep partioning it also for ubuntu same and for lion being the last? also is there any bootloader available that can boot lion from logical partion otherwise i hv to reformat and start it all over again? my_disk.tiff
  10. Well but i am using SL on logical partition and its booting fine from rc3.
  11. Is this chameleon allow lion to boot from logical partition and hv support for boot in 32 bit mode?
  12. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    AS SAID BEFORE VOODO PS2 WORKED THX. applied new dsdt with nativepm and along with lizard force wake option sleep now working. thx gain about audio after dsdt audio device recognised as shown in pic before there was nothing here,but before i can record audio with disturbance now i have no audio at all. voodo hda 2.7.2, no audio at all but sound normal please help.lacoste_no_audio.tiff
  13. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    didnt get you method sorry little elaboration which key to press before enter?
  14. happy to help is this your first boot? if not and hv SL put fake smc again and do chown chmod, otherwise latest chameleon v7 can also help.
  15. most probably fakesmc