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  1. OSx64project?

    this question is worthy, for noob like me at least. yeah i didnt know that, and i think the questions i asked minutes ago were dumbs too and here is another dumb question one: will i be able to run Leopard on a first generation macbook, (core duo)?
  2. Hi, so iv got everything working now on osx, it is time to make it official. however iv already deleted that partition otherwise id try it myself here are my questions: I can't update my osx version, (say from 10.4.7 to 10.4.8) within osx's software update, or can i? what about minor updates? like iTune update? my cpu is P4, xp task mngr shows two graph on CPU usage but cpu-z says there's only one core with 2 threads, and i heard that osx86 would only use one core, will i be able to use the full power of ly already weaky CPU? also, when i install osx, i will wipe out completlly windows os on the machine, any reason from you that i shouldn't do that?
  3. macbook: this is how i meet the fantastic world of appleland hacintosh: hadnt get it yet. but i agree with Soundless, constant internet, huge space, and more to be discovered
  4. Take One, Leave One

    ________________ D-link or linksys
  5. i think there will be a coming transporter 3 film, hope so and yeah, this is not a film to be enjoyed with ur parents, maybe with grandparents
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thank you very much, perfect for rookies like me!! i now have a full working machine (for me, hadnt test line-in, but i won't need it) maybe someone should update the hardware page in osx86 wiki
  7. thanks 11 unfortunatlly the first link's ppf broke my iso. but whe i apply the patch it says a success.. or maybe i did something wrong... question: if i successfully patched the nforc4ata, will i see an option entry to choose in the install menu? so i can verity that i really patched this thing..
  8. hi, could you post ur iso name cuz im having trouble the iso dont detect my sata drive i have nforce4 too. when install with vmware it can detect a vmware virtual drive, but when i install it with burnd DVD, it can't detect any drive.. my iso is Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1].iso and an older one, dont work either :JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 beta2 and i find a patch called AppleNForceATA.Kext.zip but it is not a ppf file so i dont know how to applie it help plz
  9. thanks, great How-To!!!! installing now, althought im sure im going to mess it up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and yes indeed, i did mess it up
  10. The OSx86 Bible

    Hi, where can i legally get a legal developers installatio DVD? i tryd to install with my macbook install DVD, but my PC can't reconize the DVD, should i copy the whole DVD and burn onto a DVD with a windows compatible format? (is it jolliet) here is my pc spec: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3800+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.4GHz asus A8N-VM CSM --chipset GeForce 6150 GPU nForce 430 MCP soundMAX audio but im using a PCI-E asus GF 6800 GT 256 and i have a recentely cleared second HD (sata, and the first one is sata too) , so i think im all set except of getting a usable DVD. i have 3 weeks of freetimes so im looking forward to get my mac installed on PC.... but i definitelly need a lot of help from any of u guys.!!!
  11. How do you change folder icons?

    .......not the big one at the botton, the small tiny one on the left coner i used to stuck on that for weeks