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  1. Gents I come bearing good news, I have the same laptop as yourselves and can tell you that OS X86 is indeed possible. Niresh is the place to go if you just want something working. Most of it works out of the box. Once you have the system up and running you can switch your smbios to a MBP 8,1 for your display to start. I'm currently starting from scratch as I don't like not having proper power management. I'll let you know if i get everything working.
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    OSX D430

    Just testing the water here. I have an almost perfectly working hackingtosh on the Dell D430. Accelerated graphics, sound (no clipping) keyboard and mouse(scrolling would be nice), sleep working, speed step and bluetooth working, battery monitor(semi working - always reads connected to power supply but displays battery level and percentage), also have memory card reader working with a beta driver. successfully running on leopard 10.5.8. I'll check back in a little while since i'm busy with finals but after i'll post a tutorial. just wanna say that i still have artifacts but i prefer 10.5.8 also i'm just wondering if anyone has found a fix for the display not waking up when the system is booted.