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  1. Hi, new firmware for ASMedia 106x (SATA3) AHCI ROM modules: ASMedia-106x_AHCI-ROM_v0.954.zip
  2. koliberK


    Hi all, Found small issue with HWMonitor 6.9.1315 and Apple Magic Mouse battery charge status. When checking in preferences, i can see 100% battery charged [2x AA 2450Ah]. But HWMonitor show charge status 63%. Is there any chance to fix this?
  3. Hi, Have here GTX 570 with AquagraFX - 850MHz / 1700MHz / 2000MHz QDR
  4. koliberK

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Hi there, Solved mystery of GPU stuck at full speed in 3D. I have EVGA GTX 570 on w/c, BIOS and dual 22" monitors. It's a shame really, because GPU will stuck on full 3D mode as there is apparently a hardware limitation: GPU Runs at a High Performance Level (full clock speeds) in Multi-display Modes
  5. Hi there, I have the same issue, one monitor connected, and AGPM working perfectly. On dual monitors, GPU stuck at full speed in 3D. My GPU is EVGA GTX 570 on w/c, BIOS Really scheme AGPM on dual monitor not working like it should. my AGPM kext:
  6. koliberK

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Hi there, I have GTX 570 SC on board, 10.9.1 Mavericks. AGPM in OSX is working fine, but freq of my GPU stays solid on 3D [high]. Not sure why - if AGPM works fine - GPU wont throttle down, there is no link ? My GPU in Windows 7 idling with temps 24-25'C, while in Mavericks I have 30-35'C. AGPM info.plist
  7. ASM1061 card is fine, you just have only one gen 2.0 PCIe slot x16. link
  8. So you only have 2 PCIe slots on your mobo? Try to swap slots with GPU and ASM1061, than check...
  9. You need to change to different slot, read manual for you mobo.
  10. Hi, Have for sale my SABRENT USB 3.0 PCIe 2 port card for hackintosh, working with 2 additional kexts under OSX 10.8 and 10.9 CalDigitFastIO.kext CalDigitUSBxHCI.kext Selling due to upgrade [4 port card]. £10 + free shipment in UK
  11. koliberK

    [Help] Dell Latitude E6400

    Hi there, Have updated files [Extra and S/L/E] for new OS X - Mavericks 10.9.1 Retail - supporting E6400. CCC 7GB DMG copy of OS X Mavericks Retail 10.9.1 partition - 25x 230MB Extra - need to add/change 11 character serial number - 10.9.1_Extra_5.01.2014 System/Library/Extensions - all kexts works - 10.9.1_SLE_5.01.2014 some other old files - Dropbox - E6400 System installed from 8GB USB pendrive, using myHack with my own kexts and extra folder. After deleted myHack.kext and installed my kexts when system boots first time. I changed my WiFi card from DW1397/BCM4312 to new Atheros AR5BHB112 Half Mini PCIe AR9380 with full Apple Airport support for AirDrop. No kext are needed for this card. Works OOB. Now I have fully working Sleep, Reboot and Shutdown. Replaced my old OCZ Solid 60GB SSD for new OCZ Vertex 2 120GB with SandForce-1200, really good speed for my old E6400 Write 257MB/s Read 268MB/s Tom
  12. This is exactly what I have.
  13. Yes, just use CCC or similar.
  14. If you will buy this card off Amazon, you will connect SDD or HDD to this card. Then you can forget about BIOS on your mobo, as you will use PCIe SATA card with AHCI support build in.
  15. try to upgrade your BIOS. In my case if I turn AHCI off in BIOS, OSX wont see my HDD connected to SATA ports on mobo. This PCIe card will use AHCI any way, if you flash it with new rom 0.951AHCI.