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    9600gso on leopard?

    Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to report that the 9600GSO 512mb with GDDR2 ram works PERFECTLY in iDeneb's 10.5.5 distro with the NVinject 512 option installed. CI/QE, all memory, everything. This is the one I got.
  2. evanrodge

    9600gso on leopard?

    I just purchased my 9600 GSO 512MB off newegg, has anyone made any progress with this?
  3. evanrodge

    no sound after wake-up from sleep

    This is going to sound really dumb, but I have a similar problem, but I used Taruga's installer, so I don't know which kext i'm actually using for audio. Is there terminal command to find that out?
  4. evanrodge

    shutdown/sleep/restart issues

    i have this same problem! if someone has a solution for this, please let us know!
  5. My laptop (toshiba u305) can sleep, and wake up from sleep. Its just that its woken right away. The console looks like this: 7/31/08 11:54:57 PM kernel System Sleep 7/31/08 11:54:58 PM kernel System Wake 7/31/08 11:54:58 PM kernel USB caused wake event (EHCI) Something USB is waking my laptop from sleep and i really don't want it to. I've installed the update PCGenUSBEHCI.kext, and all my USB ports work great, its just that one my usb devices is waking up immediately. I have a feeling its my fingerprint reader. Take a look I also have a bluetooth adapter in this laptop (not supported though) that may be causing the problem. Can anyone offer a suggestion?
  6. Hi guys, I have this motherboard, and while I never got sound working, this board is a piece of cake to install kalyway onto, but you need a few things. 1: Sata DVD drive 2: Sata Hard Drive 3: Set BIOS to IDE 4: I might have to check this one, but I pretty much leave the configurations at the default. Everything installs fine. No LAN or sound for me though.
  7. Ok, so I took back my crappy gateway laptop and now I have a great toshiba u305 notebook. It's Santa Rosa based. I'm using Kalyway 10.5.2 (The DVD release) and although I select the speedstep kernel, my CPU is not switching speeds. This leads to pretty bad battery life. Does anyone know why it might be doing this? specs are as follows: Core 2 Duo T5600 Northbridge: GM965 Southbridge: ICH8-ME Intel 3100 graphics (works fine) I really appreciate the help.
  8. Hey man, just wanted to thank you. This guide worked perfectly, and now I'm dualbooting leopard and vista!
  9. evanrodge

    HP 2133 Mini-Note UMPC

    Nope, it uses Unichrome video. Which don't have ANY driver support what so ever.
  10. Alright, so I am currently using a Gateway M6834. Its Core 2, X3100, standard stuff. But this keyboard just won't work. I've tried the Apple Enhanced driver, the hacked driver floating around... basically everything in this post: [How To] Solution for Keyboards.... Nothing Works My keyboard works well in linux, but it just won't work in Tiger or Leopard. Many others with M series gateway notebooks are having similar problems. Does anyone know some way I can fix this? This laptop works perfect except for this one problem. The weird thing is that the PS/2 mouse works great. But the PS/2 keyboard just won't. This laptop is really perfect and I plan on keeping it for a long while, so if anyone can find a solution for this I can definitely float you a paypal donation. I can provide device ID's and whatnot, plus this would really help out other M-Series gateway owners. The Hardware ID is PNP0303 if that helps anyone.
  11. What if I need firewire?
  12. evanrodge

    [WANTED] Pentium D, Pentium 4HT 775, CPU

    Wow, I genuinely lol'ed at this. Candle, sorry man, but this is a socket 478 CPU (which i have plenty of...unfortunately)
  13. evanrodge

    [WANTED] Pentium D, Pentium 4HT 775, CPU

    No one has one a P4 HT? seriously? I thought they used these to pave the street in africa?
  14. evanrodge

    WTS: Gateway m685-e HackBook PRO

    Wow, wish I had money. For anyone considering this, this is a good deal hackbook or not.
  15. evanrodge

    Help me kill the cursor

    Ok, so I have really tried installing the kalyway ISO maybe 60-70 times (literally, not exaggerating - 3 days of strait trying different bios options and partitioning options). So I have made a video of what I have been trying to, so for people who are very familiar with leopard, maybe you can help. I have installed Tiger on many systems in the past (not with this one, though), but I just cannot get this to work. The Video is Feel free to fast forward to where you need to be. Things to know: Specs: MSI P35 Neo2-FR 2GB DDR2 Ram FX 5200 GPU 128MB Also please note that Installing MBR achieves the same effect (I use GUID in the video). Back story: Ok, so this board won't even boot tiger DVD's. Kalyway's DVD is the only one that will, and only with the cpus=1 option. I have chosen GUID and MBR, but neither works. Always, the installation finishes and that cursor shows up. I have zeroed out the first sectors and partitioned, zeroed and then just used that partition. I have tried without using EFI at all. Any help I receive with this will be greatly appreciated.