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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    I finally got HDMI audio to work. Need to add the below changes to DSDT. I tested on 2 different HDMI devices and it's both working. Feel free to add it to your guide. Note that my N5110 only has integrated Intel 3000. I added to both GFX0 and HDEF. "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-2" } As for the system freeze, I believe it's driver related since i only have the problem with 10.7.2-10.7.3. I read that even real mac user are having similar issues.
  2. witchrobin

    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Mohamed, thanks to your guide I was able to get my N5110 up. My N5110 is an i5 with Intel HD 3000 only. With a clean 10.7.0 install I was able to get everything up and running except for HDMI audio (VGA and HDMI video work fine). However, as soon as i update to 10.7.2 or 10.7.3, it get the dreaded 5 second video freeze. Tried patching different connector combinations in AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext and DSDT, but still unable to resolve the constant freezing. Do you have any ideas? Also, do you know what i need to patch to get HDMI audio working? Using your dsdt patch and the patched AppleHDA.kext, the internal IDT works fine. Thanks
  3. witchrobin

    Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    I installed the generic driver into my Leopard install. Seems like USB2.0 is working fine (USB drives, apple alum keyboard), but my Logitech MX1000 and Bluetooth dongle don't work. I have to go back to an old PS2 mouse for now. So, looks like USB 1.2 doesn't work for me with the generic driver. BTW...I am running on Asus A8R32-MVP.