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  1. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    hello revomac, no such bug for me. you should have a look in your log files (open console app) maybe you will find some clues :-) see you
  2. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Hello, I think you should do a new thread for the 10.6.8 system because your 10.6.6 guide works quite good ... maybe it is safe to keep it as it is now and open a new thread for system 10.6.8 in my humble opinion :-) you did (and you continue to do) a really great work ! i love my lenovo s12 with triple boot (Win7 , OSX 10.6.6 and ubuntu 11.04)
  3. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    hello carlitosx in my opinion, it's not the ram because before i used CCC to clone my osx system on this lenovo s12. and it worked like a charm. at this time i was using bigbeluga installation tutorial and i was in 10.6.0 system only. It worked perfectly: cloning on external hard drive, booting from it ... cloning back to internal HD. cloning on USB Stisk ... booting on it ... etc etc there is something different in my system under 10.6.6 ... i will try to find what can it be ... I know that CCC works ... no question about that :-) i'll keep you informed EDIT : I FOUND THE SOLUTION : USE Carbon Copy Cloner Without the Battery during cloning Just take it off ... clone ... it works only without battery alibaba2011 can you confirm ?
  4. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    to alibaba 2011 i must apology because you were right about carbon copy cloner yesterday i downloaded the official release of CCC (3.3.7 actually) and each time i have tried to make a clone it failled ... i don't know why (freezing screen, KP etc) i will investigate and hope to come back with a solution because this software is really important see you soon EDIT: i have tried many things: CCC 3.3.7 and CCC 3.3.6 deactivate bluetooth and/or Wifi deactivate screen energy saver format the usb key in GUID or MBR NOTHING WORKS ! i am unable to use Carbon Copy Cloner anymore :-(
  5. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    Hello Alibaba2011 let me answer your questions: 1) yes you can rename the dsdt from carlitosx to "DSDT.aml" it will work. but remember to backup all your dsdt files somewhere with different names to easily identify them 2) Just use the RC5pre release it works like a charm (but you have to hit 'enter' to boot) 3) CCC works , no question about that :-) we all use it LOL is there enough space on your backup drive ? sometimes CCC bugs and you get a kernel panic (grey screen saying you have to restart) during backup ... but not very often ... in that case just try again hope that helped a little bit ;-)
  6. Chameleon RC5 Meklort's Branch

    hello, i am sorry if you think i was criticizing meklort :-( his work is awesome and i just can say thanks to him it is just that his branch was renamed meklortOld and in the same time he went to something new (vOltrOn). That's why i thought he stopped working on chameleon ... I didn't mean to hurt anybody. If i hurted meklort ... i beg him pardon. To rals2007: I did several things : 1) i erased the folder of the meklort branch, because his work is now in the trunk i downloaded the chameleon completely 2) i forgot to add the theme folder in /extra/ so i copy the "theme" folder from "artwork" folder and reboot ... and whoooo it was done ... so i understand that "make" is enough with the last trunk of chameleon "make embedtheme" still provide *** no rule to make target 'embedtheme . stop *** "make config" is awesome !!! thanks to you rals2007 thanks to every one giving time to hackintosh :-)
  7. Chameleon RC5 Meklort's Branch

    Thanks a lot for your reply rals2007, i will try "make config" as soon as i am back home (i am at work now LOL) i will tell you if it worked (i hope)
  8. Chameleon RC5 Meklort's Branch

    hello, I am a rooky about compiling chameleon bootloader ... that's why a come to you to have a little help :-) i followed the various tutorials about compiling chameleon, and i always get the same result, i thing that i am missing something: 1) i download the meklort's branch of chameleon at http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chamel...hes/meklortOld/ because meklort seems to have stoped his chameleon work 2) cd /folder of the meklort branch/ 3) make this does work perfectly here is my problem: 4) make embedtheme i get the massage: *** no rule to make target 'embedtheme'. stop *** and nothing, it wont compile. I have tryed the same thing with the trunk and i get the same result. i don't understand can someone give me a little help ? Thanks a lot
  9. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    hello everybody ! yesterday i erased the harddrive by installing ubuntu ... so now i can test your tutorial from scratch because i must reinstall the osx partition ... ;-) i'll come back to give my feedback asap LOL
  10. Lenovo S12 ion (NVIDIA) 10.6.6 GUDE

    hello, great work ! to clear the situation with an updated tutorial ;-) is a very good idea. especially for an installation from scratch. i have one question: what is your battery life time ? (mine is approx 2.5h) Thanks
  11. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    thanks i will try your dsdt file asap I'll keep you posted see you (can you post me in PM your smbios file please ?)
  12. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Cheops, did you progress with your DSDT ? I would be glad to test 4-5h of battery life !!! (i only have 2h30min) See You
  13. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    yeh Cheops ! That's a good news ! it would be cool if you can post a small tutorial here (with the files needed if possible) really great !
  14. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Hello, I found my sound output too much crackling with noises over the sound so : today i have tested several versions of voodoohda bundle. 1) _VoodooHDA.kext i found in the S/L/E folder was putted here by snowleopard enabler: it is version 0.2.56 the sound activates with a small 'click' during startup sequence after that the sound works but with the mix of the internal mic and the output sound ... that's the source of the crackles : the mic noise mixing with sound. 2) i tested VoodooHDA.2.7.2 install package it contains : the kext itself, the prefpane and a small utils to bring back the prefs after sleep. the advantage of this one : you can turn the mic mixing to zero => sound is perfect BUT during the boot sequence when the sound activates , it makes a very strong noise due to larsen effect (mic recording sound, and emiting the same sound to the output , creacting a infernal sound loop, amplifiying itself) the only solution is to use a earphone headset plugged in the output sound, after boot it can be removed but this is really annoying !!! if 3) i tested an older version of the kext (only kext) 0.2.62 it is worst , the boot sequence is the same but you don't have the prefpane to set the mic mixing to zero if anyone want's to propose a solution to stop the mic, and/or the output just during the boot sequence ... i can test it and post the results here. see you PS: to cheops: i started erasing some useless kext PS2: I am curently with the _VoodooHDA.kext v0.2.56 (from SL Enabler 1.1.17) because it doesn't Larsen. i have tried 'the Midi Trick' by configuring the audio midi setup (in utilities, not in prefpanes) ... i tried 16bit / 24 bit, 48kHz etc it doesn't remove the crackles (for me) Important Edit: BigBeluga (Thanks to him) write this from the post N°1 ! Thanks to him ! "Audio - TAINTED - Realtek ALC269 - requires patched VoodooHDA" so i started to patch VoodooHDA: here is how to do : a) First Install the VoodooHDA_2.7.2 install package (with the prefpane and the helper) from here : http://code.google.com/p/voodoohda/downloads/list then duplicate the S/L/E/VoodooHDA.kext on the desktop c) Show the content of the package, and open the plist with textedit d) then add the followings: <key>MixerValues</key> <dict> <key>iGain</key> <string>90</string> <key>iMix</key> <string>70</string> </dict> <key>NodesToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Codec</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>Node</key> <integer>11</integer> <key>Enable</key> <integer>0</integer> </dict> </array> Node 11 set to 0 is used to stop the mic mirroring in the output don't put iMix to Zero (what i started to do) because if you do you will have to reactivate the sound in the VoodooHDA prefpane e) save the modified file f) copy back the modified file from the desktop to the S/L/E folder g) enter your password h) run Extra/UpdateExtra software i) restart You should have a startup boot sequence without Larsen effect and a clean Output without crackles and a Mic working fine Hope this will help
  15. Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    I think i have used the driver of Bcc9 for the bluetooth http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181293 look at the link proposed in post#1 at point2 (just under VoodooBattery)