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  1. OSX on Acer Aspire One D255E

    Could you tell me where the regular d255 guide is? I searched here and on google, with little luck. Thanks!
  2. EP45UD3P + 5770 woes

    I've been searching some more for a solution to my problem, but all methods require that I succesfully boot into osx, which I have not been able to do.
  3. EP45UD3P + 5770 woes

    Hey there, I've successfully installed OSX 10.6.3 on my computer using this tutorial (which appears to use a modified version of chameleon). My computer consists of the following parts: RAM MOTHERBOARD GRAPHICS CARD My problem is that when I boot into OSX the fans from the graphics card go into ludicrous speed, nothing is displayed, and OSX has not booted to date. (I know because if it had, I would have heard the music from the opening video) Now, before you prepare to flex your "use the search bar" muscles, let me tell you that I have, and that I have not seen any support for the graphics card that I have in particular. From what I have understood, the "Driver" for the card in general requires a 32 bit operating environment, which I do not know how to activate. Another problem is that should I find all the correct drivers, I have no way of copying them over to the installed OSX. If I have to reinstall everything to resolve this problem, then so be it. I have not been able to boot anyways. Thank you for your help, if you choose to help that is.