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  1. Hi, i have successfully installed Yosemite, that i downloaded from App Store, on my PC, but something strange happened. When i wanted to change size of a .jpg picture using Preview app the final result, to my surprise, was a blank picture, totally white!!!! I just want to know if anyone is having this problem, that leads to the conclusion that it is a bug, or if it was an installation problem? thanks
  2. sisiphus00

    no EFI folder on root

    i solved the question....no chameleon leftovers are needed. this mavericks runs very smooth on my hack....i am enjoying it, the only drawback is that it can not connect to iMessage, but it is a minor problem. solved
  3. sisiphus00

    no EFI folder on root

    ok... i mounted my EFI partition and inside there are all the files needed to boot, so my question is.... All the stuff from chameleon is not necessary, now as it is this partition who makes the boot, am i right? Can i erase Extra folder, org.chameleon.Boot.plist and SMBios.plist? sorry for the Nweebish questions but i am new to clover
  4. sisiphus00

    no EFI folder on root

    my system is a bit outdated but it can handle all i need Asus P5QPL-AM LGA775 NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 4 gb ram 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM quad-core 2.3 GHZ 64 GB SSD disk and 3 more HDD disks i had mountain lion installed with clover bootloader on my SSD disk, so i just created a thumb drive using myHack method and i installed Mavericks over my Mountain Lion disk...all went well and all my settings were preserved including kexts...in the end my clover boot was replaced by chameleon...next i installed clover bootloader and i could boot to mavericks, all went smooth, but what is puzzling me is that there is no EFI folder on the root, there is a EFI-backup folder. There is also a file org.chameleon.Boot.plist which is also inside extra folder and a SMBios.plist file. Shouldn't be at the root an EFI folder? I am not an expert on hackintosh, i handle quite reasonable the installation processes and some things but i need help and some advice here, should i re-install clover? A clean install is not on my plans cause it will erase my disk and there are too many things i can not put back. i could create a partition and make a clean install, but like i said there are too many things i can not put back on the new installation, mainly torrents, too many. ​So, my friends my doubt, is it ok the way my root is or should definitely exist an EFI folder? And what should i do? keep the way it is now, re-install clover, or any other thing? my root thanks for your time and advices
  5. well, after upgrading to mavericks 2 updates appear on App Store, one for iPhoto and the other for iMovie, but when i click to download i got this message "This update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancelled." I know it is because both apps are not legit, but is there any workaround to solve this, like editing some file or something like that? thanks