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  1. kuau

    Clover Theme Manager

    I'm having the same issue with "Launch Daemon & RC scripts not operational. Direct NVRAM will not be retained next boot. Clover Run Installer to fix." I tried re-running Clover installer (Selecting prefpanel and rc scripts options ) ​Yet this did not fix it for me. I also noticed for some reason when I boot, and get the embedded Clover boot screen it does not automatically in 2 seconds boot. It just sits there and I have to always hit enter on my KB
  2. Thought I would try out using a R9 280X graphics card running 10.12.3 I was reading that as long as I have IGPU turned on that this card should work OOB, of course with a black boot up screen then get a login prompt. Is there a edit I need to do in the config.plist file to make this work properly?
  3. So if I download config.plist.zip and replace it with the one in my EFI folder, I am good to go? i.e I don't need to install any kexts? This is for SIerra Thanks
  4. I have installed 10.6.2 on my Asus P5E no problems, everything is working except none of my drives show up on the desktop. I can see them in the finder no problem, they are all there. How can I get them to show on my Desktop? I tried rebuilding the permissions booting off the snow leopard dvd, that did not fix it. Thanks Steven
  5. kuau

    Intel D945GCCR

    I have a Intel D945PN motherboard and my lan does not work either. I have installed 10.4.9 I installed the Intel 8255x.kext and did a reboot but the built in LAN is still disabled. What else can I check ?
  6. I can't seem to get any USB 2.x devices to work. I am using a Intel D915EV mother board. I have applied the "jas usb 10.4.8" fix on the dvd and I nstalled the apple's usb patch from the developer sight. This fixed USB 1.0 stuff, my usb keyboard and mouse now work, before only PS2 KB and mouse and since I have an older Apple USB kb I can plug in another usb device to the KB this works but only at USB 1.0 speeds. Is there another patch out there? Thanks
  7. I think that without Photoshop CS3 coming out any time soon I will stick with my amd64, 4 gigs ram and Windows XP64. But when iy does hit the shelves, say bye bye to windows hopefully for ever.
  8. kuau

    Mac Pro deconstruction

    No Photoshop till next year? I guess I will have to wait for Adobe before getting one of these new Mac Pro. Any thoughts on this issue? PS CS2 runns very well on a 64bit AMD ayatem with 4 gigs of ram and Windows XP64.
  9. I checked the Wiki, but I wanted to hear back from the forum which Intel MB I shuold get to run 10.4.5 with the least amount of problems? I assume I want a D945Gx? but there are a lot of different flavors of this board. Any suggestions?
  10. I had a similar problem, I pactched my .iso with JaS and burned with nero, did not work. It would start to boot then it would just keep rebooting. So I then tried buring a DVD with Alcohol and it worked. I think there is something with Nero. Though I am not 100% sure.
  11. I am up and running. Thanks
  12. Thanks Bofors. Cool I think I am going to order one. When you installed 10.4.3 did you have to use any patches or did a native install?
  13. Metrogirl, I got it to work I started from scratch and used the Jas Patch again. I am installing right now. Just curios, Since I installed the JasS patch on my SSE3 machine, did I screw some things up because the JaS patch patches a lot of different things? Side question, will newer Universal Binary Apps run under 10.4.3 or only under 10.4.4. Does anyone know if there is a time bomb in 10.4.3 and lastly, has anyone installed 10.4.3 on any of the newer Intel 945 MB that have built in Intel 950 Graphics? Thanks
  14. Thanks Metro Girl, which maxxus patch did you apply? Just the Anti-TPM Patch v1 I have a SSE3 Processor.