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  1. I was checking the OSx86 project wiki, and in 10.4.4 compatibility wiki the GMA950 is listed as working just as well as the GMA900 (Quartz Extreme, Core Image, no mouse tearing), but in the 10.4.5 compatibility wiki the GMA950 is listed with some problems. I know that when I upgraded to 10.4.5 I had some problems with my GMA900 (no longer could changer resolution, color profile) , and I had to replace my Intel video driver kexts with kexts from 10.4.4. What I am wondering is if anyone has the GMA950 working in 10.4.5 without any problems? Did you have to use 10.4.4 kexts? Do you have Quartz Extreme, Core Image, and no mouse tearing?
  2. Hey OSx86 Project Community! I am the guy that wrote this guide (I will be updating it soon!): http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/ Anyway, my motherboard has an integrated GMA900 (currently the only card I know of that works with Quartz Extreme, Core Image, and doesn't have any mouse tearing issues or the like), after the upgrade to 10.4.5 I had to replace my Intel video driver kexts with the ones from 10.4.4 to get back my ability to change resolutions and Color Profiles (I'm guessing Apple updated the 10.4.5 kexts because they are using a new Intel Integrated video card in the new Intel Mac mini). My question is: What video cards are you guys using, and are any of them working FLAWLESSLY? By flawlessly, I mean like my GMA900 (Quartz Extreme, Core Image, and doesn't have any mouse tearing issues or the like). Please state your cards model number (AKA ATI X1600), interface (AKA PCI-Express), and whether you are using 10.4.5, 10.4.4, or 10.4.5 with video driver kexts from 10.4.4. Any good info I get will be posted in my guide (credit to the person who gives it!) Sam Krupa ThePlaceforitAll.com
  3. sammykrupa

    Wine+X11 Update

    Utilities? We all want games! Games! GAMES!!! Okay, joking... Here are some good testing programs: 1. AOL's AIM (I know there is iChat, but some people like AIM) 2. IE 6 3. Google Desktop (joking, this would never ever ever work (-: ) 4. Ad-Aware (this should be an interesting test) Just for laughs: 1. IE 7 Beta 2. VMware 3. Magic Partition 4. Google Earth (uses OpenGL or DirectX, will never work under Darwine's current state, unfortunately)
  4. sammykrupa

    Wine+X11 Update

    Darkten, Neato! Do you want to post the compiled binaries? Or do we have to do it ourselves (-: I am not done with my CS book! Ahhhhh..... Sam Krupa
  5. sammykrupa

    Wine+X11 Update

    Sounds great! 10.4.4? Hopefully it will also work in 10.4.3! Keep up the work! I can setup hosting if you want it. You might also want to give all your code to the Darwine project so then can improve it also. Sam Krupa
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    OSX86 is very slow! (in my PC)

    Read this: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...for_some_of_you
  7. sammykrupa

    My How-to

    Yes, I plan on expanding on all of the links to how-tos.
  8. sammykrupa

    My How-to

    I just finished putting together my how-to: http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/ It is a start-to-finish guide that walks the reader through installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of their OSX86 install.
  9. Here is my just-finished list of programs that are compiled for Intel CPUs: http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/software/
  10. sammykrupa

    Wireless with NDISWRAPPER

    Looks like some work is going on to get wireless working on Tiger x86! It involves using Ndiswrapper. Here is a link to Ndiswrapper.