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  1. jblevins1991

    installation question

    if i install mac os x on a hard drive, but only use ###### to boot into snow leopard then buy a mac mini or imac will i be able to boot into snow leopard with the mac mini and have in work?
  2. jblevins1991

    How are temps on hackintosh desktop machines?

    i will have 5 case fans. 1 for hdds, two exaust at the top. and two side fans for intake to cool the mobo and video card. i will be running a core 2 duo e7500 though. also what program are you using to check temps in os x?
  3. jblevins1991

    Problem installing Snow Leopard

    what motherboard are you trying to install on? also that means that your motherboard doesn't have AHCI in it's bios, if you found your mobo on the HCL than that means that the AHCI is not what is holding your motherboard back from installing.
  4. I am building a computer for a G41M-ES2L hackintosh. I am wondering how you guys (with and without the same motherboard im using) keep temperatures under control and how hot do they get?
  5. I am contemplating buying a 64GB SSD and putting just a few apps on it. 10.6.8 Xcode 3.2.6 Office for Mac 2010 Business Screenflow Coda can somebody tell me exactly how large each of the applications are? im just trying to get an idea for if i will have enough space.
  6. jblevins1991

    Zotac 8400GS 512MB

    perfect thanks did you try dual screens? or if anybody can could they try dual screens?
  7. jblevins1991

    a few questions

    nobody can help me with this?
  8. jblevins1991

    a few questions

    i have the g41m-es2l mobo and i have a few questions. i know what openhaltrestart and fakesmc do, but do i need openhaltrestart if i have a dsdt for my specific system? i know the audio needs a driver and the lan needs a driver. i also know a dsdt is for the best and fakesmc along with a smbois is going to help me create a more mac like hackintosh. i still however have no idea what some drivers do like; nullcpupowermanagement.kext platforuuid.kext all help is appreciated
  9. jblevins1991

    wireless card for snow leopard

    Will this work in a pcie x1 slot.
  10. jblevins1991

    wireless card for snow leopard

    I dont know if the 802.11n airport extreme card can be used with a mini-pci to pci card if so can anybody elaborate? If not what is a good alternative?
  11. jblevins1991

    Sub $300 build purchased at NewEgg today....Maybe...

    everything about your build is perfect as far as i can see as long as you know the motherboard will work but i would go for the 512mb 8400gs from zotac it supports dual screans hdmi, vga, and dvi with no kext or efi string and all resolutions in 64-bit and its like 36 dollars i just ordered mine yesterday
  12. jblevins1991

    does the type of memory matter?

    when installing a graphics card does the type of memory matter? like if i had a 9800gt with ddr3 memory but only a 9800gt with ddr2 memory on it has been confirmed would it make a difference? also how much memory would i need to run dual monitors ona 8400gs? please delete this topic it double posted when i clicked submit thread
  13. jblevins1991

    Building a legit Mac Pro from parts

    the thing with the hackintosh pro is a lot of people dont work on stability for the xeons. on top of this info the core i7 is made with the same cores as a xeon it is cheaper and you dont need to buy unreasonably priced ram for it like you would a server motherboard so the core i7 goes toe to toe with dual xeons for a fraction of the price.
  14. jblevins1991

    Zotac 8400GS 512MB

    well while we are waiting for our good friend to get his card from amazon can anybody confirm or be put to the task to experiment with dual monitors with this card?
  15. I am building my first hackintosh and here are the specs i have decided on g41m-es2l core 2 quad q8400 2.66ghz(will upgrade to a faster core 2 quad later) mushkin enhanced silverline 2gb(2 x 1gb) geforce 8400gs (for daul screens) i know snow leopard only takes up 1gb of ram i was wondering if the next time somebody starts they're mac or hackintosh they could only start up pro tools and put up a screenshot of the memory usage so i can see how much ram i need im just talking about the pro tools software no plugins or any of that