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  1. [HELP] Update 10.6.8 e sono senza tastiera e mouse

    <p> Hola. Thanks ma ho risolto tramite push dei kext iopcifamily da W7 tramite MacDrive Mi è stato suggerito nella sezione internazionale..mentre sono stato bannato su Tonymac per aver fatto la stessa identica richiesta...ho chiesto spiegazioni ma non mi hanno ancora risposto...vai a capire
  2. [HELP] No Mouse and Keyboard after 10.6.8

    Thanks SO much mate greatly appreciated! Keyboard and mouse online again..! Now I can move on trying to solve all the rest of the issues
  3. Hi everybody. I have a little problem and hope you guys can help me out. I have had for about 1 year and a half my pc working flawlessly with the initial dual boot between W7 and SL 10.6.5 Today I decided to apply the 10.6.8 update...so I started reading here and there some guides on how to...I predisposed everything and started the process. I just left the pc unattended for about 10 min but this was enough to my daughter to agree with the "reboot" option she was given after the update process...and therefore I couldn't apply any kext patch to have all the kext working properly. As a result I now can't control anything as the USB ports are not working and I am without a mouse and a keybord to do anything... Is there a way I can push the correct kext from "outside" ? I don't know...can I use the iAtkos installing dvd to load ###### in any way? Any other suggestion? W7 is loading and is working properly and I have access to the mac partitions through MacDrive
  4. Salve a tutti. Ho un problemino con il mio hackintosh e spero che qualcuno mi possa dare una mano. Ho avuto il pc in dualboot tra W7 e SL 10.6.5 per oltre un anno e mezzo senza il minimo problema. Oggi ho deciso di applicare l'aggiornamento 10.6.8 pronto, come scritto in ogni guida, a sistemare i vari kext prima di riavviare...ma ho lasciato per 10 minuti il pc a lavorare spostandomi di stanza...quel tanto che è bastato a mia figlia per clikkare su "riavvia" prima che potessi effettuare l'operazione. Insomma...ora mi ritrovo con SL 10.6.8 che si carica perfettamente ma che non posso controllare perchè non mi riconosce le porte USB e sono senza tastiera e senza mouse (e anche senza ethernet...) C'è qualche modo per poter pushare dall'esterno i giusti kext? Forse tramite il DVD dell'iAtkos con una delle utility all'inizio?? Ho dato un'occhiata ma a parte il riparare i permessi e il fatto di re-installare Chamaleon o EFI non ho trovato altro e non ho risolto niente... Ogni idea è benvenuta: thanks
  5. Laptop Buying Advice

    Ok guys I just got why my thread of last night has been deleted..I basically was asking the same thing: in the next weeks I´m gonna buy my new laptop..and wanted to have some suggestions to find a few models free of issues.. I totally understand both Hagar´s and Alessandro´s point..from a side...on the other hand I can understand a niubbie (like me..) that suddenly discover this "world" just by chance..and get so excited bout it that can´t phisically wait to read till his eyes are bleeding to know how to move his first steps.. Personally I´m quite good solving every possible computer problems ever encoutered on my or on any friend´s pc...I´m the "Pc Boy" of the situation.....sometimes I even get paid to teach computer science....so in few words: I usually know what to do and how to do it where most people don´t........ All this under windows environment...but when it comes to speak bout Linux or MacOs I don´t know ABSOLUTELY nothing: a few things I learned installing SL on my desktop..but that was just a month ago..and it´s not at all enough to learn anything... Most people here who are not students work 8 hours a day and when they come home there´s a family waiting there..this means that the ammount of time and energies that they can put on this project, unless they make a living out of being computer engineers, is not that much you can think of..that what leads most of them to write "stupid questions" over and over...but this is even quite normal when you know SO much of something and somebody new try to follow the same steps.... What do I say all this for? I think that even if not everybody can contribute the same way to this project..the more we are..the best will be: no matter how many people will come and ask just to leave the next day..eventually somebody will stay as an active part of the comunity and will help to develop the project.. These are my 2cents that said..a list with the most common laptop models and their known issues including those who work flowlessly would be of great help..both for you developpers..and for us newbbies Peace P.S. I found this spreadsheet..everybody can contribute : https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ap...amp;hl=en#gid=0
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Ok..when I type these instruction I get this result: P3--Barbies-Mac-Pro:~ Carmel$ perl -e 'open(CMD, "ioreg -lw0 \| grep DSDT|") or die; while(<CMD>) { chomp; if($_ =~ /\"DSDT\.?\d?\"=<([^>]*)>/) { $buff = $1; open(PIP, "|xxd -r -p > ~/Desktop/dsdt.aml") or die; print PIP "$1"; } }' kextstat Semicolon seems to be missing at - line 1. ioreg -fl Nothing follows....so...what do I do next?
  7. nVidia GTX 260

    Oh..and it's something that started with the last combo update as I can remember that immediately after the first installation of SL from the iAtkos dvd I could change resolution without any prob. Any idea? As a workaround I'm thinking to re-install SL in the Copy Carbon partition, get in the game, change the res and get in again from the current SL...
  8. [Aiuto] EBIOS read error: Device timeout

    Ehm....sorry.. O_O ...provvedo immanente....
  9. nVidia GTX 260

    Hi guys, I have this little problem which is preventing me from playing a lots of titles. Every time I switch resolutions I get a bright blue screen. The system doesn't freeze though as I can logout using the keyboard shortcut Shift + Command + Q ...and once I do I get everything back to work normally..so I log in again and keep on working... At the moment I'm trying to run Call Of Duty 4 and since the game start without asking to which resolution set the monitor first..once I launch it and it automatically switch to his native resolution I get the famous bright blue screen..so I have to use even more shortcuts to get firstly out of the game, then to log out / finally log in again to have my SL back to work...so...what do I do?? Is there any way to avoid this blue bright thing or anybody know any way to configure COD4 before launching it?! Snow Leopard updated to last combo pack with [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] post installation patch on Gigabyte P55A-UD3
  10. Boot issue & other minor issues

    Yeah. Bios iSrc ver 1.20E which as long as I now is the latest for my MoB. I'll follow the indications given in the DSDT thread to find out my one & I'll ask there for some help
  11. Hi everybody, I'm trying to get BootThink to dual boot W7 & SL on my desktop. Installation on W7 side keeps failing though as it keeps claiming I should run it with admin privileges..thing is I do always run it as administrator!! Is there anything else I should do to let it install on my W7 Ultimate??
  12. Issue with printer

    Hi guys. After the successful installation of SN on my desktop I connected today my Epson SX610FW. Installed the software from its original dvd. Connected to the network. Everything seemed to be gone fine..except that I can't print anything. I mean. I can print from the Epson software (for eg. I can print the checking pattern to verify the nozzles) & I can scan from the Epson Scan Utility. But I can't print from any other software I have installed. I can't print any office document or any webpage, cause they will stay forever in the printing cue reporting a "printing" status whereas nothing happens..and it's quite frustrating as I can see that the connections are just fine and that the system well recognize the printer!! I just can't get where it's the problem! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  13. [Aiuto] EBIOS read error: Device timeout

    Ok..non sono ancora sicuro di aver risolto del tutto. NON ho toccato il DSDT (visto che tra l'altro per ora l'auto patcher non supporta la mia MoB)..ma ho trovato un "workaround" che può migliorare le cose finchè non vengono risolte definitivamente: La prima volta che ho installato SL l'ho fatto tramite il DVD di iAtkos. Durante il caricamento ho dovuto aggiungere la seguente stringa come opzione per il boot, pena un riavvio ciclico infinito del computer: -v (modalità verbose) arch=x86_64 (modalità 64bit) busratio=20 (per far comunicare correttamente programma e MoB) Ecco..lasciando che il computer provi ad avviarsi senza la stringa di proposito e quindi si riavvii..al riavvio successivo il programma d'installazione parte senza alcun errore. Se poi al momento del riavvio si toglie il DVD della iAtkos..anche Chameleon si avvia senza alcun errore. Dopo aver fatto questa procedura oggi ho riavviato altre 8 volte per switchare tra W7 e OSx86 e l'errore in questione non è più saltato fuori.. Ora vediamo se questa "pezza" regge anche per i prossimi giorni..o se dovrò intervenire per forza di DSDT incrociamo le dita!!
  14. Snow Leopard on my PC

    Risolto anche il problema dell'update usando [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] per patchare a fine processo e adesso mi riconosce anche la webcam..!!
  15. Web Cam

    Solved with the last update