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  1. '=' in Chameleon

    just normal "\" But it could be different on some special keyboard like laptops etc. I have the eu standard 101.
  2. '=' in Chameleon

    tryed "\" Looked wery long afther it my self.
  3. Toshiba P100 PSPA4E

    Found out it could be a problem with the dsdt, read something about cmos reset bug, ang checked and confirmed that the bios reseting to default afther reboot afther loading EFi. Theres a option in bios that has to be enabled "enable disable bitrating" of what I have read one forums about this topic. But nothing related about if it has something to do with the kp. Theres hard for med to alter any kext and kernels to get a workable hackintosh, since i dont have a working OSX. So my last guess is that i need to install wmware. Anyone could confirm this? Thanks
  4. Toshiba P100 PSPA4E

    Hi Sorry for my bad spelling. Started with this mac x86 prodject 2 weeks ago and have not so much succes I find it some kind of difficult on this particulary laptop. I bought the snow leopard retail package from apple to, and get kp even with an vanilla install. Tryed 6 different pre configurated iso with no go, and maby over 100 different customzed packages,4 Different bootloaders and kernels I could find with different .v Flashed my bios with the altered bioses. But there aint som many working links to that of my laptop I could find. Mostly its about the Conexant sound and ACPI(What i think is the problem all along). This laptop have d most {censored}y bios ive had, even my eee 900 booted tiger on first install. So for now i tried -v -x -f cpus=1 busratio=20 arch=i386 and so on. ATM I am stuck with kp Bactrace (CPU 1) 0x2a8ac2) This is a Toshiba p100 PSPA4E Video Nvidia go 7600 Audio Conexant CX20551-22 Core Duo Processor T5500 1.63 Mhz LAN Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Screen 17 Inch WXGA+ TFT Chipset Intel 945PM Express RAM no name 3Gb ddr2 667 MHz BIOS Phoenix modded rev 4.20 HDD fujitsi 7000 200 gb CD/DVD writer no name. picked it up from a trashed Acer I hope some could fill me inn what I am doing wrong, but not to advanced answers, I total noob at this field. Have some exp, with slackware linux from the old days when it comes to compiling alter configs an such. But thats maby over 12 years ago i think hehe.