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  1. heya!


    I have some problems with my wireless connection (Atheros 5008 adapter) after installing Vista on my macbook. even though i says that the driver i up to date in the device manager I can´t make at connection when I´m in network and sharing becasue it says that the adapter i not connected.


    Can anyone help me?



  2. YiiiiHaaaaa...


    now it works..

    I tryed doing it on another way. first I tryed to disable apple keyboard support. that worked. after that I closed the KPM.... process and deleted the apple folder. så I didn´t do that thing with the device manager..

    and now it works..


    thanks alot for the help..



  3. hello again..


    I have now got i working almost.. I tryed to installe abble keyboard driver again. then all of my fn + f1-f12 were working. but i found out that when i lower the brightness input remapper turns the brightness to full after like 5 seconds. I found out of this after opening input remapper settings and looked at the screen backlight bar to see if it changed. but it did not.. so I was wondering if there was a way to turn off input remappers screen backlight option??