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  1. nForce LAN driver

    You`re the best! Works great for me (M61SME-S2 - iATKOS V7). But the version 64.5. The 64.6 didn`t worked. I installed ok, rebooted, and was saying that the ext was`t properly installed. THANKS MAN!!! I`m already at OS X network
  2. nForce Ethernet problem 1ATKOS v7

    Hello. I have installed iATKOS v7 on my PC (AMD). Everything is allright, but I can't connect. I installed the nForce Ehternet driver, but I still can't connect. Can anyone help me?
  3. Almost easy multiboot

    Hi, guys. I'll post here a way to create multiboot - windows, linux, os x or NeoGrub at the same HD. First, install all OS you want. The last one must be Widows 7 (at least I couldn't run this program in XP). When you start Windows 7, download and run Easy BDC (google it). Add the entry for the SO you want. I added my OS X using the mode MBR. Almost easy I hope you like.
  4. Graphics and network problems

    Hello all. I've downloaded the iATKOS v7 and v4a. I tried the v7, but I couldn't install, I tried a lot of configs. The v4a I installed only with a driver for SATA. Worked properly, but without my GeForce enabled, and without connection. My hardware is: Processor - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Graphics - NVidia GeForce GT 240 Network - NVidia NForce can anyone help me please?