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  1. thank you, it's working now! didn't know patching was necessary since it was suppose to work OOTB
  2. I recently purchased a BCM94331CD wireless/bt card from aliexpress but I still unable to get Handoff/Continuity/AirDrop to work. do you guys have any solution? For Handoff: in the system preference>bluetooth it shows Handoff Supported: No For AirDrop: Doesn't have the option to "show everyone" and it does not discover any iPhone/iPad Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 4.4.5f3 17904 Hardware, Features, and Settings: Name: iMac Address: F4-F9-51-E8-B5-89 Bluetooth Low Energy Supported: Yes Handoff Supported: No Instant Hot Spot Supported: No Manufacturer: Broadcom Transport: USB Chipset: 20702B0 Firmware Version: v118 c9122 Bluetooth Power: On Discoverable: Off Connectable: Yes Auto Seek Pointing: On Remote wake: On Vendor ID: 0x05AC Product ID: 0x828B HCI Version: 4.0 (0x6) HCI Revision: 0x23A2 LMP Version: 4.0 (0x6) LMP Subversion: 0x4176 Device Type (Major): Computer Device Type (Complete): Mac Desktop Composite Class Of Device: 0x380104 Device Class (Major): 0x01 Device Class (Minor): 0x01 Service Class: 0x1C0 Auto Seek Keyboard: On bought the card from http://www.aliexpress.com/item/BCM94331CD-Dual-band-2-4-5G-450M-BT4-0-4Antennas-Wireless-Network-Card-BT4-0-for/32494574285.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.56.hS5Owm
  3. j o e l


    it says setvar is not a valid command
  4. j o e l


    What's the command to set nvram using efi shell?
  5. j o e l


    I just got Ozmosis running on my desktop but have a few questions 1) how can AppleIntelE1000e.kext be loaded from bios? 2) trim enabler and AppleHDA binary patching alternative?
  6. Hey could someone upload the yosemite base system.chunklist? thanks
  7. j o e l

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Any one managed to get this mod working with GTX580?
  8. Hi, I have an evga gtx580 1.5gb model. during boot up, i only manage to get 1280x1024(not my monitor native resolution, 1680x1050) only when it boots into lion will i get the full native resolution with QE/CI, etc. I've looked at the bios mod thread (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=211294) but i don't understand how do i apply it. Any help is much appreciated
  9. yeah i've used that patch and it works flawlessly. but i'm trying to find the solution to get it working by dsdt
  10. cpu alias? comparing the other dsdt with mine, i don't seem to have any cpu related codes at the beginning.
  11. Hello people! i need some help with my mackintosh. I'm a total noob at this. i have a GD65 G3 mobo (z68 chipset) together with a 2500k processor. what else do i need to patch in my dsdt in order for me to remove nullcpupowermanagement.kext? cuz i keep getting panics with appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext thanks i only included this IRQNoFlags () {0} IRQNoFlags () {8}
  12. where did you get the boot file from?
  13. my CPU would be at 100%
  14. Hello, is it possible for someone to write a basic code for me to copy/move a certain file within the iphone using sbsettings toggle? it's a dylib file the location of the file to be moved can be left blank in the coding so that i am able to fill it up. any help would be appreciated! thank you