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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    hey Mohamad, first just want to thank you on the BEST guide i have seen yet..!! and i have been hackintoshing forever!! your guide works great, only thing i can see that might mess you people up is, you have to do the full post installs as he tells ya... redo all the steps for your extra folder.. i found a great WiFi card that works OOB on ebay for only $10 us..!! so thought i would share... http://www.ebay.com/itm/181255546058?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 i have taken my 5110 so many times now for HD replacements..etc... but here's a link for anyone who might not know how to do a WiFi swap.. just be careful with the ribbon cables and just take your time...,and you should be able to do this in a half hour or so....
  2. kashmere01

    RT5370 ralink wireless usb not work in 10.8

    THANK YOU GRINGO!!!!!!!! found my fix on page five i really appreciate it!!
  3. kashmere01

    RT5370 ralink wireless usb not work in 10.8

    thanks for the quick response!!! yea doesn't make sense right? no kext,not in extra folder also... i'll give that thread a look now
  4. kashmere01

    RT5370 ralink wireless usb not work in 10.8

    thanks for getting back to me!!! i installed the V5 install package from ralink,so i would have thought it would install the kexts itself no? downloaded one from kexts.com too,but it had no installer,and no kexts in it.. i have been doing this for awhile,and this wifi worked great on lion,but im stumped here...lol feel like a noob!!
  5. kashmere01

    RT5370 ralink wireless usb not work in 10.8

    hello,i know this is a old thread,but wondering why i dont have the rt5370 kext in my s/l/e folder to edit? my usb wifi shows up in system profile.. thanks ahead of time if you can help!!!!
  6. kashmere01

    New amd motherboards!

    hey all, just posting to help you all "i hope" after banging my head off the wall trying to install snow on asrock 890fx D4 with every bootloader and distro i finally got it installed by taking hard drive out and loading snow retail with my old computer"also a amd" i used nawcom's bootloader,i think it's the best.... when the install is done and restart screen comes up just shutdown when reboot happens,transfer HD back in and GO!! i have got everything working but audio,i have tried every alc892 kext,and pkg i could find,voodoo ,and azzila all sound like {censored}....so if anyone finds one that works please let me know....