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  1. ok, found out what was wrong by looking at the system.log file. everytime the wifi goes down, right before it a proceess named ttys000 dies. when i turn off airport and turn it back on, ttys000 opens again with a different PID. what's weird is that it happens at random times, different time intervals between each time ttys dies. so if any of you kno what can fix this, i'd sure like to know. cuz i wont rest till i get it working
  2. Ok i found the problem and fixed it. The file usr/local/bin/ping-google.sh wasn't opening when the computer turned on, permission denied. chmod'd 777 the file and it started working. so now anyone having this problem should be able to get it working. thanks again
  3. Thank you so much for the response. I followed the instructions, but when I try to enter the last command, it says in the terminal: usage: launchctl start <job label> but wouldnt -w be the job label? i wonder why it wont work.... if someone can get me past this last step, itd be HIGHLY APPRECIATED and i'm sure others will benefit also. I tried restarting to see if it would automatically do the pinging and work iwthout the last command, but internet died... thanks again brainiac ghost, i know i'm close to fixing the problem!
  4. so if i leav the computer alone for like 5 minutes, or im not constantly downloading or pinging the internet goes down. the connectivity bars still stay full and it looks ok, but no webpages load and email doesnt work, etc. so i figured out the command in the terminal "ping -n www.google.com" this works, but i got to open the terminal at log in and enter in the command. i'd rather it did it automatically as an easy and quick patch to get the internet working good and without going down. any advice? thanks everyone!
  5. originally I had a 30gb partition intended for time machine, and the rest was for the boot volume. well after doing something stupid it showed a blinking _ at the top left of the screen, so I reimaged the laptop using acronis. Everything works fine, but I want to get back the missing hardrive space. I tried using a resize command in the terminal to just make the partition smaller so I could have another 20gb partition to use for time machine, but it failed each time I tried it. Any safe way to format the unused hardisk space? I'm willing to try anything since I can just reimage again, but would prefer it to work first try. resizing my 100gb partition is a last ditch option because I'd like to use all my hardisk space. I'll try to find the resize command I tried, but really would rather just partition the extra 30gb thats missing. under disk utility it shows my hardisk as being 149.1GB, but it has only one partition and that's 97.8GB. Please help since this is really bugging me and it's hard to find a solution. Thanks! edit: here is the command I tried: sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s1 77G HFS+ backup 20G edit2: after trying this other command I found sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s3 limits I get the error Resizing encountered error on disk disk0s1 T60P: Could not modify partition map (-9986) maybe this is an osx86 only issue? or some kind of driver issue?
  6. Company selling pre-built Hackintosh

    yeah i agree with the posts on here, their should be a message on the front page saying that all information contained here is for educational purposes only, and should not be used for commercial purposes. i like the idea of someone building prebuilt hackintoshes WITHOUT installing osx or even mentioning that they can run osx86, but then again its fun to build these things. and their prices are very reasonable.. but they need to stop linking to this wonderful site!
  7. i installed osx86 on my lenovo ibm thinkpad t60p, it runs perfectly with only a few exceptions. minor mouse tearing, resolution switching doesnt work, wifi doesnt work (need to buy a card), doesn't go to screensaver on its own anymore (need to put mouse in corner), and disk read/write isnt as fast as it could be, at least disk writing isnt. other than that its very stable, very fast, graphics card is setup nicely, sound works, its pretty bad ass. i'm typing on it now
  8. one of the favorite things i like about macs are the apple shortcuts. anyone know of a way to easily implement all these into windows xp?
  9. Free speech has consequences

    what she said wasn't right, but i definetly think their is a slippery slope with the {censored} rights thing. imo, {censored} should go about their business without flaunting it or trying to recruit people. if they wanna be {censored}, then it doens't really matter, until they come out of the closet and start fighting for their own selfish cause. {censored} marrying {censored}? sure, let that happen. but whos to say a man can't marry a dog? or tie it down and {censored} it against it's will for that matter? its a free country right? sure, lets have kids being raised by two men or two women, its about the {censored} couple doing what they want to do, not whats in the best interest of the child. homosexuality is nothing but a perversion as far as i'm concerned. doesnt make them bad people, but it shouldnt be celebrated either. and they shouldnt be trying to recruit little kids by writing books about two {censored} pandas raising a family or anything else along those lines. and she has the right to say what she did. sure its ok to talk about {censored} rights and this and that, so whats wrong with voicing your opinions if your on the opposite end of the spectrum? censorship is plain wrong, period. whos to say whats right and what isn't? if you have a problem with someone you confront them, you don't try to take away their right to say what's on their mind. {censored} are people too afterall, they can have their feelings hurt just like the rest of us. so if your {censored}, keep it to yourself. especially no public displays of affection. even two girls kissing, while its very hot, little kids shouldnt see that either. ok thats all i have to say
  10. Mental Health Reform

    took the words out of my mouth. its prolly in human nature to be close minded like that tho, only when you start to suffer from something that you start to feel for others (most of the time at least). take care everyone
  11. do you do drugs?

    i believe all those were brought out in me from the result of lots of pot smoking, mostly severe anxiety (already have predisposition to), reduced vocab, and rarely a little dislexic. everyone i know can handle weed (besides a couple ppl). im gonna try to go sober from everything now so i can get perscribed valium or something for the anxiety. im also trying to seak a job in IT management btw
  12. Salvia

    its absolutely frightening and feels pretty {censored}, but its worth doing just because the stuff u see is so unreal. you feel gravity pulling you down in different directions, rips in space will appear in front of you (like space is collapsing into itself infront of you, hard to explain). if done properly you will hav a complete open eye visual along with audio visuals. also my soft bed starts to feel like sand paper/spikes and its very uncomfortable. u may start laughing uncontrollably for a while also. first time i got something out of it i saw a bouncing neon clown (looked like a bar sign kinda) and it was laughing very evily. when u smoke it u want to use a bong if possible and a high extract (10x or 20x). and u need to use a butane lighter (blue flame), and leav it on the salvia the entire time to get it as hot as possible. the hit also has to be held in for 50 seconds (or as long as you can). sprinkling some of the extract onto a bowl of weed and smoking like normal isnt that bad. good luck!
  13. ok i found a different post on this forum that a guy got it to work with a kalyway disk. does the image i get HAVE to say kalyway? i got a couple images labled AMD, one is 10.4.8 the other is 10.5 something. but whenever i try to boot the disk in the past it would hang.. can anyone recommend what i should do? any bios settings i should tweak? should i add drivers to the disk and burn it again? is their a specefic disk image you guys recommend i should download? i really want to get this up and running without completely changing my config. thanks guys
  14. my specs are as follows: MSI K9NBPM2-FID AM2 NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210S Micro ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz Socket AM2 Processor Model ADX6000CZBOX Antec True Power Trio TP3-550 ATX12V 550W Power Supply with Three 12V Rails EVGA Geforce 8600GT 256mb i tried booting up an install disk, it took a long time but eventually gave up and continued booting windows. Anyone know of a patch or a release that supports this motherboard? anyone have luck with this type of setup? here are the specs of the motherboard: ModelBrand MSIModel K9NBPM2-FID Supported CPUCPU Socket Type AM2CPU Type Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64FSB 800MHz Hyper Transport (1600MT/s) ChipsetsNorth Bridge NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210S South Bridge NVIDIA nForce 430 MemoryNumber of Memory Slots 4×240pinMemory Standard DDR2 800Maximum Memory Supported 8GBDual Channel Supported YesExpansion SlotsPCI Express x16 1PCI Express x1 1PCI Slots 2Storage DevicesPATA 2 x ATA100 4 Dev. MaxSATA 3Gb/s 4SATA RAID 0/1Onboard VideoOnboard Video Chipset NVIDIA Quadro NVS 210SOnboard AudioAudio Chipset Realtek ALC883Audio Channels 8 ChannelsOnboard LANLAN Chipset VITESSE VSC8601Max LAN Speed 10/100/1000MbpsRear Panel PortsPS/2 2LPT 1Video Ports D-Sub + DVIUSB 4 x USB 2.0IEEE 1394 1 x IEEE 1394aAudio Ports 3 PortsOnboard USBOnboard USB 2 x USB 2.0 connectors support 4 portsOnboard 1394Onboard 1394 1 x 1394a connector supports 1 portPhysical SpecForm Factor Micro ATXDimensions 9.6" x 9.6"