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  1. My VMware install (which works fine) was upgraded to Mavericks from ML. This all went smoothly. However, now it will not go full screen when you attempt to pop it to full screen or resize the windows past a certain amount it will do its thing and it all looks correct for about 2 seconds.. then it resizes again to a smaller window giving black borders. This worked previously on ML with no issues. Any ideas how I can get past this? Specs if this helps.. Lenovo W530 32Gigs 512SSD i7quad
  2. I had no issues installing on my desktop, however I really need 10.7 installed on my laptop, a i7 t410. Can someone explain what the actually means (I would really like to understand the issue, not just get a solution) and a solution (please) to get around it. All google gives me is links to people asking the same question, or links to the question that then hop to another page, that then diverts off onto something else Cheers.
  3. Used ModCD and it worked.

    Cheers.. if possible can you explain where you copy the extra folder too? Im not mac man, just attempting to get something working to do some coding on. However, i know unix... So I will google about for Chameleon, install that? then boot up normally and then copy in the extras? or is there another method? Cheers
  4. Used ModCD and it worked.

    Morning. I have got my t61 up and running fine, all drivers installed (bar the wireless, which is expected), but I need to boot from the MODCD each time and select the HD OS install to get it to boot. Is there any way to install the bootable (and working MODCD) files onto the HD? So i don't need the CD in the drive each time? Cheers