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  1. hey guys's, i know this topic is old, but i still have a problem with this on a snowleopard: After rebooting and opening Kismac i choose the right Driver and start scanning. He asked me for my password and loaded something. But he dont list any network. My other mac show me 5 networks but my acer aspire one nothing.. please help. mixmux
  2. hey i know this topic is very old, but i get the same eroor now on a snow leopard by hazard... work the Debugger on my sl? mixmux
  3. hmm okay. the 64bit-problem is not the biggest problem for me... i have a real problem with the IOGeneralMemoryDescriptor... even i want to try to install an app or run aperture it crash after a while. A panic called this: getPhysicalSegment...out of 32b range (probably i want to try it in 4 bit but there is the other brobelm)......nawcom/XNU..../IOGeneralMemoryDescriptor... (Sorry for bad description. i will upload a photo soon.) I googel it fore some times but i only can find older posts from last years, without a solution... please help mixmux
  4. okay. but what sense it haves. i want real 64 bit. :q does it mean i can't boot in 64 bit? o0 maybe. before mac i was working with linux, too. so there i know much. but i think on a mac it is a bit different. :q is there any starter-guide for terminal for the most importend commands? mixmux
  5. @knueppler: thx for quick responding. (are you german, because of the name. if its tru, do you can send me this description in german because my english is very well...?) i will try it c; posting if i have succeed^^ mixmux edit: so. i was testing it. i named the match_kernel to legacy_kernel, because in boot.plist its called so. and beside i can't edit the mach_kernel, because it's invisible o0 i reboot -> in normal mod it works normally. but if i want to try arch=x86_64 i get the typical error.... i'm using an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Processor.. and arch=i386 -force64 doesn't work... (in system Profiler is said NO :q)
  6. hey guy. sound stupid but i don't know what to do with these files. i was update my kernel with the package installer from nawcom. but it is the V1, i think. so there is no fix for the arch=x86_64.. so i get an kernel panic even i want to boot in 64bit mod. so. is there an package installer from V2 or what is to do with these files above? please help
  7. Asus 1005HA Grey Screen Hazard 10.6.2

    Got the same problem... Du u have found a solution. :/
  8. hi guys. i have a big problem: I was updating my SL by hazard to 10.6.4 (don't know if i want to update to .5) and now i cant install big apps like iLife or xcode because after a while installing (sometimes 4 min before finish -.-) i get a kernel panic -.-.... i have an AMD core and i use Marvin's AMD Utility to patch cpuid's. so is there an cpuid witch is to patch? (don't patch whole volume, because of errors with Skype 5 beta ..) or is there an other program to patch cpuid's? need help, mixmux
  9. hey guys, i was installed Mac OS X 10.6.2 Server by HAZARD (because Mac OS X SL by Hazard doesn't work o0). In install menu the keyboard and mouse works perfectly, but still after first boot in setup my mouse and keyboard doesn't work... i have an AMD PC and an Trust Mouse/Keyboard (http://www.e-stuff.net/wp-content/gallery/trust-wireless-optical-deskset-ds-34000/15176.jpg). Is there any driver for this in install menu? I can't find anything
  10. '=' in Chameleon

    i solved the = Problem but not the real probolem :q the combination is : windows-button + ´
  11. '=' in Chameleon

    \ is alt gr + ? right? but alt gr dosnt work :/ but i will test it quickly.
  12. '=' in Chameleon

    Hey guys. i have a problem with my boot disk, so i must type a command in chameleon: rd=diskX but stil i want to type = it doesn't work. i cant find it. i have a normal pc keybord(EU) not once for mac. so i sarch or key-combination and google said the = is shift + 0. But then there comes a _ , so he said unknown command. its a stupid question, i know. mfg, mixmux
  13. panic error -.- Help please... :/

    i was running out of time and i want to finde s solve. :q no i can't be on the computer all the time, too!.. too your (my) link: there i didn't get a good tipp, only one portugise site and a maybe-solution... but the simple solution, to isnatll ideneb or hazard i was finding by myself... yeah i should search, i have done before too! no metter now.. when i start in safemod, or in -x32 its frezze after arriving DSMOS.. when i start in normal mod, its load, and than here comes a double panic.... maybe i will make a picture at evening (german time) okay, thx i used sufu, and there came many posts, but they don't help. i'm using now mac drive and when i open ist, it says the volume is damaged. is this normal?
  14. I have the same Problem. Is there any solve now.. Need help....