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  1. 10.7.4 + AMD + nForce

    Hi the connatic. Cheers for the reply and the helpfulness,don't you worry man,Gainward 9600 GT GS up and running full on Was just posting a success if anybody has some old similar hardware,not to give up,it can work,a bit sketchy process but it pays off heh.Will post it there,thanx for the reminder. Igor
  2. 10.7.4 + AMD + nForce

    Success story after 4 days of painstaking work.Just to get QE/CI up and running and im all good. Old AMD Athlon X2 64 4200+ with a cheap-ass 30 euro ASRock piece of crud motherboard boasting the nForce 630 chipset. First tinkered with VMWare Workstation and 10.6.8 snow leopard,made a virtual hard disk,restored Basesystem.dmg etc etc all the usual stuff.Made a .sparsebundle image,booted 10.5.7 Leopard off a DVD,restored it to a HDD partition,did the terminal work,pulled all neccecary stuff from a USB flash drive.The restore process for some odd reason didnt copy the /var and /Volumes partition so i had fun with that for a few hours but finnaly managed to copy those from another restored image on a USB flash drive.Booted the HDD partition,installed,again back to Leopard and the terminal,fixed it up,and et voala,booted in. 4 days of work total. Btw kernel is Bronzovka 10.7.4 arch=i386, 64 bit userland functioning. What can i say,it was a challenge.Now off to setup meself some Mountain Lion goodness on a proper Intel i5 3570K
  3. OS X 10.6.2 kernel panic at startup

    Fairly old post,glad it's still helping people Cheers
  4. Boot with -v GraphicsEnabler=No it will boot normal.
  5. Weird thing with that hang though,no problem,good you sorted it out
  6. You have to use a legacy kernel for AMD,you can't use the default vanilla kernel as it's not an Intel processor.
  7. Where is it stuck at exactly?You're saying that after you enter the rm command,it hangs?You can't type?
  8. It should happen as soon as you press enter.
  9. Installing iATKOS L2 on an Asus F50SF-x1a

    +1 Not gonna happen
  10. Heh,it's with two "t" , so Elliott That's why i told you to use Tab and auto complete.
  11. You have to use the breakout character for the spaces.. \ , so it would be "cd /Volumes/Snow\ Leopard/System/Library/Extensions" One more quick tip,when you know the names of folders,example just type Sno and press Tab,it will autocomplete the name for you.
  12. [AMD] 10.7.3 Guide - Experimental Only

    Try making a new user account(administrator),log out,login to the new one and test.Trash the old one if everything is fine.
  13. Install media > Utilities > Terminal > cd /Volumes/your_partition_name_here_/System/Library/Extensions rm -r ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext cd .. touch /Extensions reboot
  14. App Crash 10.6.8

    If you download nawcoms legacy kernel from his blog,and use the .pkg, it patches everything for you.You need to use arch=i386 -force64 bootflags and everything should work out fine,even the 16 gigs of RAM. Info: Mac OS had PAE (Physical Adress Extension) long time so even when booted 32bit,it could use more than 4 gigs of RAM. When you boot with the flags above,only the kernel will be 32 bit, kexts which can will be 64 bit and also the Apps will run in 64 or 32,whatever their arch is.Only in a few cases,some users reported no problems on AMD with 64 bit arch.Back to the issue.. Andy's kernel has fresh code and even nawcom suggests using it but bare in mind,it boots with a custom compiled dyld blob and some apps have problems with it (i for instance,had problems with Dropbox),so if you want to use his kernel,you better off boot with std_dyld=Yes. Hope this all helps