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  1. iAtkos L2 Fails To Get Past Chameleon Screen

    worked and got it installed fine, installed your kexts supplied but now I cannot get full resolution every time I install the kexts (AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext and AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext) and reboot it says its failed to load them (I could post a picture of it)
  2. iAtkos L2 Fails To Get Past Chameleon Screen

    found a way to copy it to the usb stick without a kernal panic restore iatkos to a seperate partion and then restore that to the usb stick it worked straight away (the restore) I will tell you if it works later
  3. iAtkos L2 Fails To Get Past Chameleon Screen

    I got lion working in a virtual machine and tried to restore it to usb, but got a kernel panic So I burnt it to a DVD in lion to see if that worked, but it didnt lol Im wondering wether it could be something todo with my bios? ill see if theres any updates for my bios and report back Just updated the bios and got the same result I just wanna find out why its doing this, because so many people have got this working on this laptop
  4. iAtkos L2 Fails To Get Past Chameleon Screen

    Thanks for the help mate! I know this maybe a pain, but do you know where I could find a well seeded Snow Leopard torrent? ive tried to download loads of different distros/retail copys and they all seem to only download at about 5kbs I havnt got a mac so I cant do it that way. I just got the installer to load up in virtual box, so thats definatly a huge start becasue I thought i had a faulty copy. The plan is now is to install the distro under a virtual box and restore the DMG to a 8gb usb stick and see if installs that way Please get back to me and tell me if you think this is a good idea (Downloading stuff is quite a pain because of a bad internet connection, so anything over 6gb is out of the question) Thanks Mate Tom
  5. Hi all! Let me just wish you a very merry Christmas I recently purchased a Acer Aspire 5750 that I believed was extremly compatible with OSX Lion and I have seen many successful installs. I downloaded iAtkos L2 (Which took almost 2 days on our hit and miss connection) and tried to install it, but as soon as I see the chameleon boot screen (The one that says press F8 for advanced options) as soon as I press F8 the computer freezes, even if I leave it for the bar to go the whole way. I tried the disk on an AMD PC (I knew it wouldnt work, but it got to where I could enter commands). So I know its not the disk (In some ways). I checked the md5 sum and it matched so that means the disk is burnt correctly (Correct me if I am wrong). Thanks in advance! Tom The attached picture shows how far it gets