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  1. SOLVED:X4500 Mouse artifact with Native Resolution

    Hoping to get the cursor to work, I tried installing the kext provided in the first post. However, upon rebooting, I get the native resolution, but the cursor is still stuck at the top-left corner of the screen. I have somewhat been able to mitigate the problem by changing the cursor size in System Preferences, but it's rather annoying to still have to "guess" the location of it. I noticed that while installing another kext to get native resolution, it had a DSDT that had to go with it in order for it to work properly. Could it be that this one requires a specialized one for it to work? If so, it would be greatly appreciated if I could be pointed to such a file.
  2. Dell Inspiron 1545 + iATKOS v7

    I don't think I ought to go down to Kalyway just to get these drivers to work. That's a bit too drastic. Hmm... I suppose there's something else that I can do. What that something, though, is not clear. Perhaps a clean install will give me a better place to start. Idk
  3. Dell Inspiron 1545 + iATKOS v7

    Okay, I tried both packages. No gas, bro. As for audio, I tried the VoodooHDA.kext file. From what I can tell, I see that there's a category for it in System Preferences, but clicking on it results in it spitting out an IO related error. What I think may have to happen is I'll have to remove all the kexts that I installed. It's either that, or simply reinstall OS X.
  4. Dell Inspiron 1545 + iATKOS v7

    All righty, I'll give this a try. Will report back with results. EDIT: Thanks for helping. I'll be back here shortly.
  5. Dell Inspiron 1545 + iATKOS v7

    After having messed with this for a day or so, I've become comfortable with a lot of the many different methods required to get a mostly working OS X installation. My travels and travails on this site have assisted me greatly, and I'm thankful for such abundant resources. I am requesting a bit of assistance with getting some things up and running. specifically with my hardware. I have tried kexts given here, but they have not worked, likely because they are designed for Snow Leopard, rather than the version that I have installed currently. Here's the rundown on what I need help with: Graphics: I have come to understand that the GMA4500 will NEVER, EVER support QE/CI, simply because of the architecture/the way it handles things... is that not right? As such, I don't really care about having that luxury -- all I really desire is the native resolution: 1366x768. Installing the kexts provided in the link did not work, nor did adding the Graphics Mode key in com.apple.Boot.plist. I'm stumped here. Audio: The kext I tried didn't work, likely for the reason already mentioned. The one provided by the installation disc wielded no results as well. Wireless: The Dell Wireless 1397 card isn't being picked up either. Attempting to install IO80211.kext seems to do nothing. USB: I've not taken the time to get information on this, as I've mainly been working to get the above working, but, uh, it doesn't work either. After countless hours of hair-tugging, facepalming, and teeth gritting, I'm just about to pull my hair out. If someone would be so kind as to guide me in the right direction, that would be oh-so helpful. Some System Specs (from CPU-Z): Processor: Intel Pentium T4300 (dual-core) Graphics: Intel GM45/GM47 rev. 07 RAM: 4GB DDR2 Wireless: Dell Wireless 1397 Any other information I can provide upon request. ~Sonicdude41