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    XFX 5770 Random Failures on 10.7.3

    Not quite sure how else to place the topic of this thread. I have recently picked up a XFX 5770 from a friend and after testing it for a few days under windows and linux, i went ahead and put it on my osx build. The thing booted right away and worked well with either graphicsenabler on or off. I was playing around for a few hours and suddenly my whole screen turns greyish colored and sortve with lines in it to say. So ive tried a few different framebuffers, same results. This happens completely randomly. Im curious, what can I try? Should i give another bios a try? It doesnt appear to be overheating.
  2. We should create a HCL for this guide.
  3. Check what kext is currently being loaded for your sound and remove it. It also took a couple settings in the mixer to fiddle with to get the sound to output correctly.
  4. Not sure what the policy is for linking another board and i apoligize if i am breaking any rules but i found this and went ahead and tried it with no luck: http://www.osx86.net/10-7-lion/11092-ga-p35-ds3l-lion-gm-11a511.html#post74148 Now what i am wondering, is if there is a fakesmc, perhaps its what we are currently using, that supports these plugins? I'm a newb still and on my first build, so bare with me if im sounding like i have no clue what i am speaking of. ok guys! I kept the current FakeSMC and moved these plugins and I now have CPU temps!
  5. Ya i would love to be able to see my temps. New install.
  6. tseung. I just noticed that i am unable to get temps from my motherboard. any ideas?
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6bd5iy6zn3km7q/x64_audio_for_ALC888.zip that is the alc888 driver i used. if anyone has a better method, i am all years. this "just works"
  8. Using the latest lnx2mac drivers solved any issues i had. I did have a problem with sound but i resolved that by using the analog output instead of digital (that was my issue all along!) Also, maybe im just an idiot but the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] AppleHDA patches never quite worked for me. Tonymacs latest 889 stuff doesnt like me much either. I cannot find the OP, but i have a zip file with the AppleHDA.kext / HDAEnabler.kext update that worked for me. I did have to reinstall it after doing the update. I'm a little pressed for time for getting to work but i can link it after if anyone needs.
  9. Still having issues with sound. Any recommendations? Even on just a cheap PCI soundcard?
  10. phin586

    GA-p35-DS3L Modified Bios

    Still curious about this. Was curious how well this works with Lion?
  11. phin586

    Lion GTX 260 Poor performance?

    I actually JUST received an email back from the developer as well. That explains that, at least. STILL curious why things seem to just feel a tad slower in other games. Guess i'll further tweak a couple of things and go from that.
  12. phin586

    Lion GTX 260 Poor performance?

    Super sorry about that. The name of the game is Shank. I received it during my most recent Humble Bundle purchase. The slow down happens when you get to the first boss stage. You can pick the game up for a buck if you really want to see for yourself. I tried the game under windows and linux and did not experience the same issues. http://www.humblebundle.com/ I am also waiting for an email back from the developer to see if it is a complaint they often get. Like i said though, there are a couple of other games where the performance just seems "off".
  13. phin586

    Lion GTX 260 Poor performance?

    The only games so far have been Civ V which runs fairly well but i have to turn lots of stuff off and another game Shaft that slows to a crawl whenever there are large sprites on the screen. Ive tried different resolution settings without any luck.
  14. phin586

    recommend me a card!

    Looking for a sub $100 card that will run pretty well on the mac. Coming from a 260 that just doesnt perform on the few games i play well. I saw some 5770's for around 120 on newegg and may just go with that if need be. Any certain brands i should look into or avoid.
  15. phin586

    Lion GTX 260 Poor performance?

    Hmmm.. any tips or tricks to improve gaming? perhaps maybe i should look into an ati card as i hear they offer better mac performance?