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  1. if u cant get anything to work with iATKOS, then choose a different distro because i had issues installin to my amd phenom. i had to actually goto the iPC distro and another that worked for it was iDeneb because they all have different chipsets. On my other pc i have a SB900 chipset, but i could only find it going up to SB600 on most dvds..so keep that in mind, maybe its not meant to be with iATKOS, but keep trying lol..this whole post reminds me of my headache ;p
  2. Problem with IATKOS v7

    ok..easiest thing to do is turn off everything to do with sleep, especially the sleep before screensaver option. Also, i decided to try updating from apple and now went from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8 ;] hope i helped.
  3. Problem with IATKOS v7

    only thing that happens is if i leave it sit there for awhile, it will stay at a black screen when i walk away and i had to give it the touch of death(holdin the power button)...trying a fix for it..will let u know, but so far if u stay around and jab the mouse here and there, it doesnt happen at all...puh.
  4. Introduce yourself

    Hi, im Wyman. I've been fooling wit installing this for quiet some time now and never posted until now. So hope i can help ;] Got my first successful hackintosh on a Asus G50v-a2. muwahahaha ;D
  5. Config for iDeneb 1.3 on an Asus G50-V1?

    i have a Asus G50V-A2 dual booted with Windows 7 Ultimate x64/iATKOS v7 Mac OS X 10.5.7 x86 and this is what i posted with my settings. I tried the iDeneb flavors, but they wouldn't boot after a complete install. After days of experiments and downloading different flavors/distros while experimenting, i got iATKOS v7 and it kept rebooting when booting from the dvd. So i did the -x cpus=1 to boot to the disk, formatted the drive, and then chose these settings: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1583081
  6. Problem with IATKOS v7

    I just recently got done installing my Mac OS X using the version you are using. After many blunts, i got it working pretty sexy so far. I just submitted this same thing to the database and its waiting for approval. Heres my setup: Asus G50V-A2 iATKOS v7 10.5.7 Walkthrough Boot off cd with -x cpus=1 iATOKS v7 Main System Chameleon v2 X86>Patches>[/Extra Directory/DSDT] Decrypter>[AppleDecrypt] ACPI>[x86 ACPI/Disabler] VGA>nVidia>Enabler>Old Enabler>[NVinject/NVinject Mobile] System>SATA/IDE>[AHCI/Intel SATA/IDE] Intel Speedstep>[speedstep Driver/Throttling Control] PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard>[Apple PS2 driver] Sound>Voodoo HDA Driver Post-Install Actions Video - Works [installed Final Cut Pro 7 successfully] Sound - Works Wireless - Bluetooth only LAN - Works Keyboard/Trackpad - Works Dual-booted with Windows 7. Appears stable so far. Haven't tried updates yet. (just happy its working now ;]) 11/13/2010