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    Laptop with native wifi and/or bt module?

    the newer versions of the Lenovo Y50 were shipping with the BCM4352 card. look for the model with the i7-4720 cpu
  2. you are correct - I was looking at the sp2 dsdt!
  3. under the HDEF section, try changing: "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0C, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, to: "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x03, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 }, this worked for me
  4. I have used only the files from the pack. battery works on both versions of my installs (two different micros cards)
  5. Battery status working fine on my SP2. Installed using the SP2 guide...
  6. I only get graphical glitches when SwitchResX boots to HIDPI mode. So as long as I switch to a normal resolution before shutting down, I am fine. Then after booting, I switch back to HIDPI mode...
  7. (Surface Pro 2 64GB) Just installed 10.9.5 via Software Update. Reinstalled AppleHDA, repaired permissions, and everything works as expected
  8. working great on Surface Pro 2 - 10.9.4. had to change the layout in the dsdt for it to be recognized (as per your instructions!)
  9. [surface2OSX 10.9.4] ​downloaded the new file, removed voodoohda and installed with kext utility. after first boot, no devices found. looked at the included readme/LEIA-ME file, and changed the layout out in the dsdt from 0x00c to 0x003. rebooted, and the internal speakers were found. plugged in the headphones, and they were found. everything seems to be fine after 3 reboots. fyi - I have two installs on two different microsdxc cards. the first one worked with the v.05 kext, and EAPDfix.kext. the new install did not work with the same exact files, but now works with only the applehda kext from above (post 2314)
  10. cfb44

    MacOsX on the Surface Pro 3

    can't answer for the SP3, but I am running OSX off the microSDXC on the SP2
  11. SP2 Testing Deleted VoodooHDA and AppleHDADisabler kexts, and loaded AppleHDA (for SP1) and HDAEnabler3. worked after the first boot, but not on boots 2 and 3. deleted both kexts, installed with kext utility (skipped first time), and sound is working on 3 straight boots. seems to be a little louder then VoodooHDA (not much), but the auto-switching is working properly! (I'm on 10.9.4)
  12. I get crackling sounds after a while with this kext,and have to change the audio format every 10 minutes or so. Is this based off of voodooHDA 2.8.2? this is on a toshiba U845W - just curious if anyone else has this issue
  13. cfb44

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Results from a Toshiba U845w-s400 laptop (Insyde): localhost:~ chris$ /Users/chris/Downloads/PMPatch /Users/chris/Downloads/teae640.fd /Users/chris/Downloads/teae640-patched.fd PMPatch 0.5.11 PowerManagement modules not found. AMI nest modules not found. Trying to apply patch #1 Nested PowerManagement2.efi module at 00018752 not patched: Unknown module state. Nested PowerManagement2.efi module at 00226CA0 patched. Nested SmmPlatform module at 0001872E not patched: Unknown module state. Nested SmmPlatform module at 002365E0 not patched: Patch pattern not found. Phoenix nest module at 003A2048 patched. CpuPei modules not found. Output file generated. Since output file was generated, I should be good?
  14. Sorry to hear that - but I just got mine working 30 minutes ago! I added the platform and device keys (from your post), and changed the smbios to 5.2 and it finally booted to the internal screen. performance was pretty low (4200 on geek bench), so I went back to 8.1 smbios and it is much better (6560 gb). I can boot with GE=Yes/No, and it it works either way
  15. GHGg - were you able to get this to work? I am having the same issue with my Dell XPS 13 L332X - HDMI works fine, and I can also see the system is running fine using screen sharing (no display found). only way I can get the internal display working is in safe mode and PCIRootUID=1...