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  1. Alienware M11X

    My experience installing it with iatkos, then running it with nawcos follows. I think after installing at less 2 times for this last 4 days, I can say that is unstable to hackintosh at less with aitkos (which sometimes detect the mouse on installation, but the trackpad or USB mouses are unusable after first restart, also the bootloader never worked not even 1 time) and later running it via nawcos for get trackpad and mouse support and keyboard support... Running with nawcos is somewhat of lucky thing, you can crash in nanoseconds or you can have a nice usable system. later on usage... ok it has freeze sometimes doing simple things like listening to music while chating, while learning some xcode things. Sometimes the system will not start in next startup even if you shut it down correctly... and most times if you shut it down by force while it is freeze (like happened some times) will not go "back to life", printing kernel panics and so on at startup. I will like to ear what was yours experience with this system, and if it is enoght stable for yourself (at much I will reinstall it 1 time each week, not 2 to 4 times in a day)... perhaps Im not lucky enough.
  2. Alienware M11X

    So I put again the iatkos install and only select ps2 drivers? There is no way to install them directly within this running session? navigating to some place in the DVD and copying somewhere things? (by the way I dont know if is correct to call .kext files drivers or have a special name). By the way, I don't have sound right now I can play flash videos from youtube (the sound I reported was from a previos install... that has crashed from one day to the other). ******* EDIT ****** By the way, apart from sound, integrated web cam doesnt work. Is there a tutorial I can follow in installing and searching for correct drivers (in general I mean)?
  3. Alienware M11X

    I have hackintosh ed with an aitkos, sound work, ethernet work... however there are certain problems, after fresh install there is no boot loader (my grub is gone). So I start from iatkos DVD but then I dont have mouse or keyboard... So I use a nawcom for load with mouse and keyboard (right now I started this way). I attach some screenshots for proof of the hackinthoshed m11x, also I attach my mac about detailed info... Sometimes iatkos or nawcos fail to load the mac os system with crashes in nanoseconds or with waiting for device messages (in iatkos in the chamaleon screen just before the gray apple). My questions are: * How do I install the drivers for keyboard? * How do I install the driver for touchpad and USB external mouse? m11x.spx.zip