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  1. dear Korrupted thanx muchly for me, the best info came from the link above which, naturally, i din't notice til the last page i came here following alotta googling "open file at path mac" which told me how to open a file from it's path via the terminal with incorrect syntax "bash syntax error near unexpected token newline mac" which is the error i got after using incorrect syntax [why can't poster's find a way of posting terminal commands for dummies like me?] which led me to this post which didn't answer my problem, but looked so good i read it anyway which led me to the link which did thanx again by trial and error i found that if you have spaces or parentheses in your file paths you need to change them to "\ ", "\(" etc or you get more errors all of this is prompted by my trying to turn the user unfriendly interface of the scan results of sophos av for mac into something useful i started by using bbedit and quickeys to change the error log into an html file but unfortunately sav considers any file with an encoding header [binhex, uu, yenc, etc] to be corrupt i have a LOT of such files which means i have a lot of files to check even having a link to each file is cumbersome for more than a couple and so is searching for them with file buddy i want to be able to open a list of them directly well now i'm getting close i can open the files in the terminal after tweaking the path names but only one at a time i think the next step is probably writing a bash script but i haven't a clue about this heck, i don't even know what bash is! back to the google ... anyway, i liked your post so much, i joined the forum just to say thanx!