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  1. Blue screen at Battlefield 2 launch

    Solved : it was caused by MacDrive (MDFSYSNT.SYS)
  2. Hello, I'm trying to play with Battlefield 2 under Windows XP SP2 on my MacBook Pro (Geforce 8600M GT). But I have a blue screen at game launch, with this message : IRQL Not less or equal I try different Forceware drivers (from laptop2video), different Battlefield 2 versions, external screen with a different refresh rate, etc. But it's always the same : a blue screen at game launch Any idea ? Thanks
  3. Getting the X1900 GT to work on 10.5 ?

    I couldn't make it work with iAtkos. So I installed Kaliway, and it works with ATIinject_1900_series patch. I don't know why this patch isn't included with iAtkos…
  4. My X1900 GT works fine with JaS 10.4.8 (QE/CI). Now I've installed iAtkos 10.5.1, but I can't find a driver for Leopard, I'm stuck in 1024x768 without QE/CI. Do you know a driver for X1900 GT that works with 10.5 ? Thanks
  5. When I'm deleting anything from my FAT32 partition, I always get a dialog box stating that the file or folder being deleted must be deleted immediately. If I relaunch the Finder, this dialog box doesn't appear and the file or folder goes normally to the trash. Any idea ? Thanks
  6. Color/gamma problem with tft screen

    YEahhh ! I connected the screen on the other display port (x1900 has 2 ports) and.... gamma is OK ! Now I'm seeing correctly the "zebra" lines in iTunes
  7. Color/gamma problem with tft screen

    My TFT screen is connected via VGA, I'll buy a DVI cable for testing, maybe it will solve the problem.
  8. I have a color color/gamma problem with OSX86 and my new (cheap) tft screen. The problem appears with all light colors. For example, in iTunes, I can't see the stripped white/blue lines. Every line is white like this : All work fine with the same tft screen under Windows or even with my Powerbook connected (with the same color profile), like this : I tried the color calibration tools, but nothing changed. And strangely, the problem doesn't appear with a crt screen. Any idea ? Driver problem ?
  9. Small post-install problems

    Thanks Rammjet, my time clock is ok now. I set fsb to 266 in boot.plist. That solved the Safari problem too
  10. Hi, I have some small post-install problems: Curiously, the clock goes more quickly. For example now it is 1PM but in OS X it's 1:30PM. If I go in the options, the hour becomes again normal. (solved) If I went in the clock options, the Safari window become inactive, I can't click inside, the yellow/green/red icons are grayed. (solved) If I keep the automatic monitor turn-off, I can't reactivate it with the mouse or the keyboard. Thanks
  11. [JaS DVD 10.4.8 SSE3] Quels patchs installer ?

    Bon maintenant j'arrive à l'écran de bienvenue mais la souris (en usb) et le clavier (en ps/2) ne réagissent plus... :s
  12. Salut, Je viens d'essayer d'installer la version JaS DVD 10.4.8 SSE3 sur mon pc, mais ce n'est pas vraiment pas ça. Je ne sais pas quels patchs choisir lors de l'installation. J'ai essayé avec tous les patchs, là ça ne demarre pas du tout et sans aucun patch, là j'arrive à l'icône "sens interdit". Je ne sais pas trop les patchs que je dois choisir ? Voilà ma config : ASRock ConRoe945G-DVI Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Sapphire Radeon X1900 GT PCIE Samsung SP2504C 250 Go SATA Merci Edit: Je réessaye avec ces patchs : JaS.10.4.8.Packages : JaS.10.4.8.Combo.Update (je dirai oui) INTEL.SSE3.semthex (je ne sais pas si le Core 2 Duo est nx et hpet, donc j'ai pris celui-là) INTEL.SSE3.mifki INTEL.ICH8.SATA.Supprt (non c'est l'ich7 sur la conroe945g) 10.4.8.USB.Fix (oui) 10.4.8.GMA900.Support (non) 10.4.8.GMA950.Support (non) SoundBlaser.USB.Audio.Support Sigmatel9220Audio.Support Azalia.audio.support (oui d'après le wiki osx86) ATI.ATA.Support (non) 10.4.4.Loginwindow (oui) 10.4.8.ATI.Radeon1x00.pcie.support (oui) 10.4.8.ATI.Radeon1x00.agp.support (non)