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  1. diskwarrior

    I've used macs for years. Disk utility will repair some directory damage. Especially for external storage drives, disk warrior's directory optimization has drastically cut down on how much I've had to look at the spinning wheel when navigating or mounting. My drives just run far better with it. I move around a lot of data and sometimes end up with 1-2 GB image files though (and they've only been increasing in size). So is there still an issue with using disk warrior on a hackintosh?
  2. hardware for new build

    I noticed for an i7 machine the preferred board seemed to be a gigabyte. Is the X58A-UD5 still the highest compatibility or any that would be better? Anyone have a configuration based on the i7 950 running well? I've tried to find a decent parts list, but many of them are at least a year old.
  3. diskwarrior

    I'm looking at replacing an aging G5 as so too much software only runs on backdated versions now. Is there any way to run disk warrior on a hackintosh or anything that will take care of a similar function? I've used it on both boot drives and external storage drives and its function of fixing directories has kept the drives from hanging while mounting especially when data has been written/rewritten over them for an extended period of time. I found an old patch but nothing recent, and I'm not sure if the leopard problems with using it are also present in SL.