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    How to boot from CD

    I burned DW into a CD. When I restart my PC, it: 1. enter BIOS 2. boot0:done message for a very short while 3. Chameleon EFI pages, where I can choose either boot mac or windows (countdown bar bottom). I heard that mac need to press 'c' when boot. How do I boot the DW cd? I tried to press/hold c everytime for the above 3 steps, but it just normally boot into SL. Any help would be great.
  2. warlocklw

    VMware is verry slow

    1GB RAM? Of course. My dual boot OSX run at 1GB, Windows 7 run at 2 GB. You need at least 4GB RAM, and your processor can't handle good if it's 1 core. Even if it's multicore processor and you have 4GB+ RAM, OSX still will slower at VMWare compare to dual boot, and you won't happy with its result. My suggestion, dual boot it.
  3. I installed a hackintosh at my partition and everything works great so far. However, I want Windows to be my main bootloader instead of Darwin bootloader. How to I did this? I tried 2 methods: 1. Use EasyBCD. But EasyBCD only change Windows bootloader that appears after Darwin bootloader (If I choose to boot windows at Darwin). 2. Go to boot Windows Installation USB, and go command prompt, type bootrec.exe /fixboot and bootrec.exe /fixmbr, but it says can't repair. The win7 installation USB stick can't see windows 7 installed because Darwin barrier it. Is there any way to make Windows 7 bootloader take over? If can I don't wan to reformat. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. warlocklw

    VMware is verry slow

    Any OS at VMWare is slow. Make a dual boot instead.
  5. warlocklw

    working Toshiba L500 with ALC272 , SnowLeo.

    Thanks I have same version of Realtek sound and works fine, Hear good too, one prob is cant find suitable preset for Hear, kept get broken sound
  6. warlocklw

    Broadcom 4310 Airport On but no internet?

    Suddenly it can't work anymore, even with reinstall. Same error, Airport On, but can't see available network.
  7. warlocklw

    Broadcom 4310 Airport On but no internet?

    Solved. I use same method but downgraded snow leopard (reinstall old version). Station Leaving message and wireless light still not change, but already has wifi and all other drivers.
  8. warlocklw


    Using SL, I set VoodooHDA at VoodooHDA.prefPane whatever it calls, I reduce input gain to 0 (left most slide), and the cracking sound is no more. Same good as Windows To make perm change, go to VoodooHDA.kext, show package content, edit its Info.plist to <key>iGain</key> <string>0</string> <key>iMix</key> <string>100</string>
  9. Above image is from system information at Snow Leopard 10.6.6. SL see my wireless card as BCM92045NMD, while windows see as Broadcom 4310. My laptop is Dell Inspiron 1427 using Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card with Broadcom chipset. I had tried edit the info.plist, use the above sticky method, and done a lot of google, but can't get it right. Mac taskbar displays my Airport as 'On', and I have option to turn off, but my wireless light still not on, and I don't have wireless. If I turn Off, I cannot turn on again. Can somenoe help me with it? Is it the en1 need to change? I really need to use the wireless function. Thanks. Edit: I try from this topic http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=972 It now can detect my wifi as Broadcom 4315 at -v mode. But later it says Link Down on en1. Reason 8 (disassociated because station leaving). Please help.