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  1. Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    I would like to take my chances to thank the developers of this tool as it seems to be working fine creating the USB even under VMWare machine. I have found similar tools that have required an actual mac or at least intel based mac pc where for a person that is just starting and have no way to get hands on one it is causing additional troubles. Will see how the installer would go, however I am sure with Chameleon it would work as I always preferred that bootloader over Clover that caused me way more issues and even kernel panics for the same pc. Thanks again for your efforts!
  2. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Nevermind, it was fixed with the manual installation of Combo Update, after which installation of Chameleon, video QE/CI kexts, cache & permissions fix and reboot . Thanx anyway everyone for the topic.
  3. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Forgot to mention, about the specs: HP DV4-2154ca Intel GMA First gen (of course ) Intel i3 CPU 2 hard drives x 256GB SATA LAN: Rtl81x Wireless: Atheros (fully working in 10.9) If anybody can tell me where can I see the message log when booting with -s would be nice. In linux I use dmsg, but here it shoes much less info and no errors are identified that can point me to the problem and its resolving. So anybody having ideas or have had similar problem that is already a history?
  4. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hi, everyone. It's been a while since I showed up here, but here I am needing some help or pointing direction as to how can I update my Mavericks 10.9 to 10.9.2 without seeing black or grey screen with no mouse nor icons etc. What I did was to download and manually install the Maverics OS Combo update 10.9.2 after what I just removed the existing kexts in /S/L/E and installed the working ones with a single led screen frame buffer (confirmed to be working perfectly for 10.9). After fixing rights and cache with kextwizzard and/or any other app for that job I am rebooting. After the initial boot I see the screen to flicker for a second and goes to black with no icons. Trying to boot in safe mode (-x) and/or using GraphicsEnabler=no does not help much as well as some of the combinations of: npci=0x2000 (or 3000), busratio=16 (that is for my CPU), pcirootuid=1, cpus=1, -f etc. So if I restore my Mavericks to 10.9 it is all perfectly working (well at least what I need) but after the update it seems as I have some other problems to solve but what...?
  5. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    Hi Marius. Yes, to make the loader I used UniB* 3.01 but after that I had to use ##### Easy fix so to be able to boot. Without ##### I was able to boot, but not see the X graphical window but a black screen. So here is how I did it: 1. Download official Maverics App from AppStore (DO NOT USE DMG OR ANY PATCHED FILES, JUT GO AND DOWNLOAD FROM APPLE!) 2. Download latest ##### 3. Downoad latest ##### 4. Prepare 8GB or bigger USB flash drive by formatting it to Mac OS X Extended. Name it something so you do not mess up with other drives (USB) 5. Start UniB* and point the installer to the USB (flash drive) 6. Wait a lot (20-30 minutes until it is over). 7. Start ##### and use EasyBoot. (top left option). Then go to drivers and select if any match your hardware - with mine I had RTL8169 LAN so it worked like a charm. Surf around the options for audio, usbs (if 3.0) etc. Choose the bootloader Chimera 2.2.1 and select the latest available theme (I liked it the most). After that go and install the ##### on your flash drive. 8. Do not try to boot but go to /S/L/E in the USB and remove from there any AppleIntelHD* (if you do not see folders, then they are hidden so you have to use unhide tool or search for the command in google to show hidden files and folders). 9. After doing the USB, fixing it with ##### and removing all AppleIntelHD starting kexts, just insert the usb to your working 2.0 (if any available) slots and boot with options: -v -f graphicsenabler=no You should boot now perfectly fine and if your USB's are recognized, you can use external ones but if not, you should use touchpad. Follow up the install as usual (partitions, drives etc) and install for good 20 minutes. 10. Boot again from the USB drive, but this time instead of choosing to boot the USB Installer, choose your newly installed partition with the options: -v -x 11. You should boot fine and continue from there to finalize the install etc. 12. Once logged in, install the Intel HD Graphics (first generation) files for Mavericks using Kext helper or any other tool and just make sure to update kesh (rebuild etc.). 13. Now you can boot and start digging for the rest of the hardware. For me this method worked and I have almost fully working HP dv4-2154ca . I say almost, because I did not tweak yet the sleep option and the card reader, but all the rest is perfectlu recognized (wireless, keyboard, ps2, usbs, full QE/CI etc.)
  6. VooDooHDA Volume Control/Mute Quickfix

    Christina, I know it would sound a bit awkward, but I love you, girl!!! My HP DV4 2154ca had voodoohda 2.84 working out of the box but had no chance to enable the volume slider even editing the info.plist and enabling the volume option. Now, with that little flower, I installed the latest version and it just asked me to reboot the machine, after what I ran it once, set the channels audio and boom.. My volume control buttons as well as the slider are back in the game. I would add that flower thingy to my tutorial, so that the others know who pointed me to the idea and how to make the sound working just fine. Thanks again and no offence but being in love is one thing, but love smb for a good thing he did - another. just to make it clear for every reader following this thread ))))
  7. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    GhostRider, I know it sounds weird to me too, but that is the reality. I have perfectly working Mavericks but as soon as I add the kexts and update the cache with Kext Helper, I am loosing the USB 2.0 and even the internally build camera stops too. I am sorry about asking here as I know it sounds crazy, but for me it is related somehow, so I am trying to just figure out what is the connection as I do not do anything else but to start adding the kindly attached kexts in here after a few restarts of the system so to make sure nothing was going off the stage and causing the problem. So as soon as I add the kexts - boom and I am left with no USB 2.0. Even adding genericusb kext does not help. Well I guess I should try and do the dsdt patching part so to avoind kext confilct or something. I am comming back to page one and starting to read what patches should I apply to have just the video working for now as this is my main "problem" so far. And again - I do appologise to every one who thinks this is off topic. Thank you guys for sharing your knowlege so that a newbie like me can get his mac os x up and running.
  8. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    jnbrooker13, I do not understand what you mean (if you said that to me) Any more info, please? And btw, what is the relation between setting up the video and the USB ports? Are they somehow related by the framebuffer or something? Now I am planning to try installing the kexts one by one and see after which one I will fail wit my USB's. However if anyone knows another way, kext or smth to fix my problem, can you please point me out to it?
  9. [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hi again, guys. I did managed to bring my Mavericks up and installed the Intel HD (First gen) which is working just fine for now but after putting the kexts with Kext helper, I have lost my USB connection. I am not sure what is the connection between those two, however before installing my video, everything was just working fine. Is it possible that the problem is in AppleIntelFB kext and I should try with the other possibilities LW1, 2, 3, 4 etc, ? I have tried to fix the USB problem by setting USB Legacy = Off, as well as installing Rehabsman GenericUSBXHCI kext but so far no good. Any ideas or points?
  10. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    Ok, A bit of report now again: Camera - working Video - Full QE/CI and optimal resolution Wireless - working with the appropriate kext (dev 168 vendor 2b) LAN - working out of the box with Realtek driver Sound - voodoohda 2.84 Stil fighting: USB (they are lost after installing the Intel HD Graphics kexts) Battery indicator Sleep & Wake (need to patch DSDT but haven't started searching info yet ) Card reader Fn buttons Well that is all for now, and I still see nobody likes to join and share their knowledge so that we can together accomplish my goal. Please, if anyone knows what and how to do, do not torture me, but just give a friendly hand to a Mac newbie
  11. Well I do see that nobody paid attention to update the information about SL, ML, Mavericks, so I guess I would be the first after 2008 to bring the topic back to life again I can confirm - it is working perfectly fine in the official Mavericks OS X 10.9 release downloaded directly from AppStore so thanks to Realtek and mattcyborgelt It is strange how Realtek are listing the driver for Mac OS X (the intel based ones) So do they support the hackintosh or what?
  12. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    Well it turns out that after I used the GenericUSBXCI.kext and rebooted with no problems the laptop, after booting I have lost my Internet connection via Ethernet. Now I have to troubleshoot the reason and fix it before I move forward... Any ideas??? Common , guys, I see lots of people just reading but no opinions at all.. I am trying to help others, so have some mercy?
  13. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    Ok. It is time to mention that I was a bit wrong as the USB ports are working only when I boot in safe mode (-x). When I boot normally, my usb's are not working, so I am about to try with Mult*B..t and see how would that go. If anyone has an idea what can I use to let my USB's working fine, I can freely move forward... So far: Working: ------------- Video works on full QE/CI Video Camera works (out of the box) Touchpad works Ethernet works (out of the box) USB 2.0 USB-Esata Sound (working with VoodooHDA, but trying to set its natural support ) Card reader Wireless After all not bad for now, but the usb's are needed. For the wireless I can change the adapter internally with a suitable one from Ebay for 5$ or use my USB Dongle so that is not a problem for now. Sound - well if nothing shows up will have to use VoodooHDA for now. Card reader - not really necessary as I have external USB one, so ... Continue to digg, but everybody is free to join if any information is available about what is left to have the fully working laptop, afterwhat I will summerize the entire process and provide all the used kexts for the next owners of the same machine. P.S. The usb was fixed with Zenith432's GenericUSBXCI.kext included in latest MultiB...t
  14. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    Alright, Sparky, we got a winner this evening and it is HP 2154ca with Internet, Video Camera & USB (out of the box), Full QE/CI with Framebuffer patching and providing the correct Intel HD Graphics kexts. So far everything works but the sound and I did noticed that my USB mouse started acting weird so maybe I have lost the USB functionality but that would also be fixed as I know it is caused by the AppleIntelHDFB kext and will search for alternatives (if it does cause problem). So far the system is perfectly recognized, cpu cores appear correct, the memory slots and video memory so nothing more to desire on that front. Starting to digg for the sound and I think this might be all or just to fix (if possible) the card reader. It might even work out of the box, however I will try it when I go back home later tonight.
  15. HP DV4-2154ca - Mavericks - {{Boot problem}}

    OK, removing AppleIntelHD* from /S/L/E fixed that problem so I can see and even hear the welcome screen. So far so good, but right after selecting the English for the installation pops up a window where it is written that Mac OS X installer cannot continue due to an error and beneath I can see a huge log of nothing meaning to me informations. All I have managed to filter was about running out of memory (available 38.1 needed 39M for loading libraries). Well that is not the exact message but I think you can get my point. So the saga continues and I have decided to try instead of using myH..k to try with U*iB**t and to stick to the traditional Mavericks image untouched by any additional tweaks etc. myH**k may have placed there and can be causing the error. Booting now, so stay tuned Ok, with standart PURE & UNTOUCHED installer + bootloader and smbios it works and installs now with no problem. Will see what will hapen in 20 minutes or less as for now I did not use SSD. If it works fine, the notebook will receive one Christmas gift earlier this year