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  1. [Guide] Hackintosh on HP 550 Notebook

    Hello guys! First I wanted to say YOU ARE AWESOME and you do a great thing here! I used this guide to install 10.5.6 on my hp 550 but I faced some problems that I couldn't just ignore (overheating, some screen issues at the boot process and the trackpad) So now I use win7 but after 2 months of using mac os I just can't look at any Windows OS, even if it's the best in the whole universe.. Now I really would like to see Snow Leopard running on my crappy pc but it's really complicated. I've read maybe all of what's written here for SnowLeo on 550 but it's really hard for me to understand 'remove your hdd' and things like this. I know I can google it but please if somebody can make some guide like the 2nd part of this one here it's going to be really cool. I know I ask too much but I will be grateful if you help me even just a little bit PS: Can I use iPC 10.6 .. ? cheers from Bulgaria